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Your Revenue

Equinox Information Systems provides data mediation and usage analytics tools for fraud management, business assurance, and network monitoring. Since 1986 more than 360 telecommunications companies have trusted Equinox Information Systems to be their partner.

Ever wish you could tap directly into the wealth of information hidden in call and usage records? Join us for the TeleLink User Group Meeting to learn how you can do exactly that! Every minute of the conference is designed to help you achieve maximum benefit from your TeleLink installation.

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Customer Testimonials

"We knew Equinox turned out cost effective solutions that produced results, and how serious the entire Equinox team took their commitment to customers. As a result, we turned to their team first."
- Tom Nolting, FairPoint Communications

"TeleLink automatically processes and stores our traffic records in a centralized data repository, which gives us the insight and hard data needed to increase efficiency and optimize our revenue."
- Lee Puckett, C Spire

"Protecting our network and our customers is a top priority for TDS Telecom. Protector is an important component in our overall strategy to do just that."
- Nichole Schneeberger, TDS Telecom

"No one delivers cost effective, dependable solutions better than Equinox."
- Ryan Mitchell, Wide Open West

"TeleLink not only lets us access the needed data, but it also automatically collects and consolidates this information in one system, giving us expanded reporting and analytics abilities."
- John Carr, Broadview Networks®

"Since 2000 Protector has proven its ability time and time again. Equinox fully supports us, making sure we have the tools and product knowledge necessary to be effective in the battle against fraud."
- Heather Santee, RCN

"Depth of experience, attention to detail, and quality support are key reasons why HTC continues to work with Equinox."
- Jim Forbes, HTC (Horry Telecom Company)

"TeleLink allows us to mediate, enrich, and store usage data records so network activity can be analyzed in near real-time. TeleLink gives us critical access to our usage data for reporting and analysis."
- Roger Werth, Cincinnati Bell

"Equinox offered the most compelling and complete solution for managing usage records and monitoring potential fraud activity. Protector saves ANPI both time and money."
- Jet Thomas, ANPI

"Our goal was to identify a company that could deliver a total software solution to our multiple needs in a reliable, cost-effective fashion."
- John Summersett, ComLink.

"For years, Onvoy has relied on Equinox software for network management. TeleLink allows Onvoy Voice Services to quickly integrate additional acquisitions and expand into new markets."
- John Hanna, Onvoy Voice Services

"Using Protector will allow us to further protect our customers from communications fraud, help us reduce expense related to fraud losses, and improve productivity."
- Craig Drinkhall, Lumos Networks