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Broadview Networks® Chooses Equinox For Recent Project


Nashville, TN October 6, 2014 — Nashville-based Equinox Information Systems reports that Broadview Networks®, a leading cloud-based provider of communications and information technology services, has licensed the TeleLink solution. Broadview selected this platform based on its ability to perform usage analytics and generate needed reports, including quality of service statistics and rural call completion reporting. TeleLink provides visibility to all of Broadview’s usage data, which allows them to use it for a wide variety of business decisions. They also elected to further leverage their TeleLink implementation by including the FCC Rural Call Completion Reporting module.

Equinox is no stranger to Broadview Networks®—the two have had a business relationship since 2006 when Broadview first began using Equinox’s fraud management system, called Protector. The automated FMS offers real-time monitoring and detection of fraudulent incidents, for proactively combatting fraud. Based on this relationship and experience with Equinox, Broadview turned to them when they needed to achieve additional efficiencies in their usage analytics efforts.

“Usage data is the necessary foundation on which many key business decisions are made,” commented Broadview’s Senior Vice President of Network Services, John Carr. “TeleLink not only lets us access the needed data, but it also automatically collects and consolidates this information in one system, giving us expanded reporting and analytics abilities.”

The TeleLink usage analytics platform comes standard with powerful search and reporting tools for retrieving usage data historically and in real-time. All data can be filtered based on configurable parameters and included on any number of ad hoc reports. Furthermore, TeleLink provides increased efficiency in this process by automating the collection, aggregation, summarization, and reporting of this data. Additionally, by virtue of its web portal, the system provides centralized and immediate access across all interested channels. Deploying TeleLink with the FCC Rural Completion Reporting module will allow Broadview to further leverage their TeleLink implementation to generate the required summary and detail reports on rural completion statistics per the FCC’s requirements.

“We value the long-standing relationship we have with customers like Broadview Networks,” explained Equinox Executive Vice President David West. “Our personal involvement with customers ensures that we fully support their ongoing efforts to protect and optimize revenue. We appreciate the trust Broadview Networks has placed in us with regard to this reporting and usage analytics projects.”

About Broadview Networks® www.broadviewnet.com
Broadview Networks is a network-based business communications provider serving customers with local and long-distance voice and data communications, premises-based and patented hosted VoIP systems, data services and a full suite of managed and professional services. It also provides an innovative portfolio of bundled, hosted IP phone and cloud computing services designed to meet the unique application requirements of diverse workforce groups. Its customers benefit from award-winning customer service, including a Web-based account management tool and a primary point-of-contact for real-time, personal customer care.

About Equinox
Equinox Information Systems has been helping telecom customers around the globe protect and optimize their revenue since 1986. The company offers a full range of business assurance solutions that address profitability and network efficiency issues, including data mediation, fraud management, revenue/expense management, routing assurance, usage analytics, network analysis, and custom application development. To learn more about the company, its staff, and products, go to www.equinoxis.com.