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C Spire Selects Equinox For Revenue Assurance Solution


Nashville, TN July 9, 2015 - Nashville-based Equinox Information Systems announces that C Spire Wireless, the nation's largest privately held wireless communications provider, has licensed the TeleLink usage analytics solution to extract, enrich, and store their usage data for extensive ad hoc reporting and ongoing analysis. The TeleLink platform provides C Spire with visibility to all of their voice and data records, allowing them to analyze usage data in depth and generate reports for several revenue assurance purposes, including trunk group utilization, routing assurance (optimal route calculations, what-if scenarios, and invoice validation), and MTA reporting. Additionally, the system captures and generates the required summary and detail rural completion statistics per the FCC's requirements.

"TeleLink automatically processes and stores our traffic records in a centralized data repository, which we leverage for extensive reporting," explained Lee Puckett, Sr. Financial Analyst - Technical at C Spire. "Having this level of access in TeleLink gives us the insight and hard data needed to increase efficiency and optimize our revenue.
"TeleLink is Equinox's flagship revenue assurance platform. Its powerful search and reporting tools give unparalleled access to usage data historically and in real-time. All data can be filtered based on configurable parameters and output in an ad hoc fashion. By automating the collection, aggregation, and summarization of this data, TeleLink efficiently and cost effectively provides centralized and immediate access to crucial usage analytics across the organization.
"TeleLink's advanced usage analytics, reporting, and routing assurance tools give C Spire significantly increased access and visibility into their data. Furthermore, by making this data actionable, the system's tools provide essential revenue management and network management benefits, allowing them to safeguard and optimize their bottom line," commented Equinox Executive Vice President David West. "We are proud to add C Spire to our growing list of wireless customers."

About C Spire

C Spire is a diversified telecommunications and technology services company that provides world-class, customer-inspired wireless communications, 1 Gigabit consumer Internet access as well as a full suite of dedicated Internet, wireless, IP Voice, data and cloud services for businesses. This news release and other announcements are available at www.cspire.com/news. For more information about C Spire, visit www.cspire.com or follow us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/cspire or Twitter at www.twitter.com/cspire.

About Equinox
Since 1986, Equinox has helped telecom customers around the globe protect and optimize revenue. The company offers a full range of business assurance solutions that address profitability and network efficiency issues, including data mediation, fraud management, revenue/expense management, routing assurance, usage analytics, network analysis, and custom application development. Equinox is an established solutions provider for the wireless sector with experience in: wireless data verification; cell site traffic analysis; mobile traffic reporting; external/carrier bill validation; roaming usage verification and audit; and subscriber market analysis. For more information, visit www.equinoxis.com.