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No Summer Break for Fraud

By Amy Oldham
June 3, 2013

It’s the time of year when most schools dismiss for summer break. Millions of students anticipate summer break for one simple reason—no homework. Who can blame them? A break from homework sounds nice. But in the telecom industry, it’s not an option. There is no break from fraud. You better believe fraudsters do their homework on a regular basis: studying the latest technology advancements, probing all available access points to a carrier’s network, and finding new ways to exploit these efforts for financial gain.

There can be no break from combatting fraud! That’s precisely why Equinox continually seeks educational opportunities regarding the latest fraud schemes and methods of perpetration. And we do our homework year round when it comes to identifying and protecting against fraud.

As students stream out of recently-adjourned schools, we’re heading to the CFCA Annual Meeting and Summer Educational Event. This event occurs June 4-6 at the Royal York Hotel in Toronto, Canada. It’s no surprise this is our first “assignment” of the summer, as we have actively participated in CFCA for over twenty years. Throughout our involvement with CFCA, we have regularly attended the educational sessions, presented on various topics, and also served on the Events Planning Committee.

As always, we look forward to seeing our customers and industry partners at this event. There’s just no substitute for the kind of hands-on learning that comes from collaborating with folks who face real fraud management challenges day in and day out. We’d love to hear what kind of homework you are doing in this arena. We’ll post live updates from the event via Twitter. After the event (and all year round), we’ll gladly share our homework findings with you via Facebook, LinkedIN, or this blog.

To learn more about the Communications Fraud Control Association (CFCA) or register for the event, visit www.cfca.org.