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Putting the Puzzle Together

By Matt Lowe
August 5, 2013

This week's blog is an employee spotlight on Equinox veteran Renee Workman. Through the life of a company, certain people play an important role in shaping both the culture and the productivity of a business. Renee Workman is one of those people at Equinox. Her great attitude and work ethic set a standard of excellence felt by those around her, and the quality of her work increases work-flow speed toward a completed project. Renee's 17-year anniversary with Equinox is in August, which is a perfect time to recognize her many achievements and the amazing impact she's made on the life of Equinox Information Systems.

She began her career as a software developer following her college graduation. Immediately, she had a positive impact on those around her and the projects to which she contributed. She worked as a developer for four years in the office at Equinox until her husband, Don who was in the Army, was transferred to another base.

Equinox did not want to lose a valuable employee and began thinking creatively about possible solutions that would allow Renee to continue working for Equinox even if she wasn't physically in the building. As technology advanced, the thought of working from home became a real possibility. Other companies had employees that worked remotely and there was a growing sentiment in the working world that telecommuting was an effective means of employment. Renee was approached about the possibility of working from home and accepted the offer.

Renee has telecommuted now for Equinox for 13 years from two states. Her primary responsibilities are to test the software she once helped to develop and to support the clients who use the software. She has a unique perspective on the entire work-flow process at Equinox. Having previous been a developer, currently testing the software to ensure its quality, and supporting customers, Renee's experience and expertise make her a unique and valuable asset to the team. “Renee is a silent warrior. She works behind the scenes doing testing, version releases, and issue duplications. When she interacts directly with the customers she is knowledgeable, efficient, and represents Equinox at the highest standards,” says Joe Herron the Vice President of Support.

Renee's favorite part of her job is researching questions developers have and hunting for a solution. She compares this to solving a puzzle. Each piece must be in the correct spot in order for the entire picture to be visible. Due to her experience, she often finds herself supporting both the developers and their understanding of the product as well as the customer.

We often tout the average tenure of those who work at Equinox. In an industry where the average employee tenure is roughly 2.5 years, Equinox shines above the industry average with its own employee average tenure at over 13 years. Renee is one of those people that keeps that average high and plans to be at Equinox Information Systems for many years to come. Her emphasis continues to be on hard work and quality. Even from a thousand miles away, Renee's impact on the industry-leading products and services Equinox provides to telecom companies is felt by both coworkers and customers alike.

About the Author: Matt Lowe is a Sales Engineer at Equinox Information Systems whose primary task is to evaluate and improve the company's sales processes, materials, and tools. He does so by acquiring and applying market intelligence gathered from the telecommunications industry. His other major responsibility is to coordinate project implementations by working directly with customers. In his spare time, Matt enjoys travelling with his wife and playing basketball with the guys from the office. To learn more, visit www.equinoxis.com or call (615) 612-1200.