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The Results Are In!

By Matt Lowe
July 3, 2014

It’s a fact: We have the best customers in the world. We are not only grateful for our customers but are quick to brag about the wonderful relationships we have with them. What we empirically determined this week was that our customers love us just as much!

You might be wondering how we came to this conclusion. We recently conducted a two-part survey. The first part of the survey focused on the likelihood of existing customers to recommend Equinox products to others. The survey covered Equinox’s two primary products—TeleLink and Protector. TeleLink is a mediation and data analytics software engineered to optimize your revenue potential. Protector is the industry’s leading automated fraud management system designed to protect your revenue.

Our customers answered the first part of the survey with resounding clarity—97% said “Yes, absolutely!” when asked whether they would recommend Equinox products to their friends and colleagues! We are delighted to hear the results of the survey because it reinforces a core principle that drives Equinox.

Since its inception, Equinox has not been known for large advertising budgets or flashy marketing campaigns. Instead, we rely on what we think is the best form of marketing—personal referrals from existing customers. The majority of our new customers come to us through either hearing about the work we’ve done in the industry or having used our products at a previous employer. We take great pride in our reputation. We want each customer to not only benefit from using our products, but to also enjoy the experience. The results of this recent survey stand as a testament to our efforts in this arena.

The second part of the survey asked customers to rate their experience with the Equinox Support Team. Their second response was equally as clear as the first. 87% of customers checked the highest rating of “Extraordinary” when asked to describe what kind of service they receive from the Equinox Support Team! This figure is astounding in its own right but is even more noteworthy when compared to excellence ratings from other support departments, regardless of industry. If you have ever called or emailed the Support Team, you know that all inquiries receive a prompt and personal response—from a living, breathing human. We do not employ automatic answering services or instant auto-reply emails. When you contact the Equinox Support Team, you interact directly with a team that has over 100 years of combined telecom and support experience.

Equinox was founded in 1986, built on a solid foundation of creating excellent products and providing exceptional support. We’ve grown over the years and adapted technologically to become an industry leader for business assurance software solutions. We are grateful for each and every customer who joined us on this journey. We extend special thanks to everyone who responded to the recent Equinox survey. In reflecting on the relationships we’ve forged over the past 28 years, there’s only one word to adequately describe our customers, and that is EXTRAORDINARY.

If you’d like more information about how highly-recommended products and exceptional customer service truly are an option, we’re here to help.