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Tailor Made TeleLink

By Matt Lowe
July 1, 2013

I love to play golf. It's no secret around the office that on a nice day I'm itching to play a round or at least hit a bucket of balls. My parents know how much I love to play golf, so when I graduated from high school, they gave me a tailored set of Ping irons. While there are sizes for golf clubs based on gender or age—men's, women's, kids, etc.—golf clubs typically are not a one-size-fits-all product. To properly fit golf clubs, there are a number of factors to consider, including the player's height, range of motion, and club head speed, just to name a few.

My dad ensured the clubs were fit just for me by completing an electronic form. Ping asked for my height, club head speed, the angle of slope as I stood over the ball, and other points of measurement. Based on this information, I got Ping i3 irons with a stiff steel shaft and a blue dot. The clubs' title reflects the requested points of measurement. I still have these clubs and plan on keeping them indefinitely. They were tailor made for me, my swing, and my style of play. The beauty of these clubs is that even if my swing changes, I can have them altered in the future.

Just like the clubs were fit to my specifications, our products at Equinox are also tailored to match our customers' needs. We regularly work with customers who need something other than a one-size-fits-all product model. Professional golfers wouldn't head to a local sporting goods store to pick up a set of clubs. Neither should professional telecom companies rely on a cookie-cutter, out-of-the-box solution.

Equinox prides itself, particularly with TeleLink—our revenue assurance solution—on tailoring custom solutions that fit specific customer needs. We partner with customers to really understand their requirements, and in many cases, help them discover needs. While Ping requested my swing speed, height, etc., we ask about the customer's current &ldquot;pain points&rdquot;, reporting needs, mediation requirements, industry regulations, call volume, etc. We use these key factors to create a solution that meets their exact specifications.

Also, the business environment is ever-changing; therefore, we ensure that the solution we craft is flexible and scalable. TeleLink can grow as the customer's needs evolve. The landscape of the telecom industry is vastly different now than it was when Equinox was founded in 1986. We've adapted and provided the flexibility our customers have come to appreciate. To get more information about how we can tailor a software solution for you or why targeting exact business challenges can improve your game, contact Equinox.

About the Author: Matt Lowe is a Sales Engineer at Equinox Information Systems whose primary task is to evaluate and improve the company's sales processes, materials, and tools. He does so by acquiring and applying market intelligence gathered from the telecommunications industry. His other major responsibility is to coordinate project implementations by working directly with customers. In his spare time, Matt enjoys travelling with his wife and playing basketball with the guys from the office. To learn more, visit www.equinoxis.com or call (615) 612-1200.