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Equinox Information Systems Kicks Off 30th Year In Telecom

Attributes Success To A Clear Vision Fueled By Happy Employees

Nashville, TN September 23, 2015 - This month marks the completion of 29 successful years in the telecom industry for Nashville-based Equinox Information Systems. Since its inception, Equinox has helped customers in the telecommunication industry stop fraud, mediate usage data, manage expense, and optimize revenue. Today, Equinox provides these business assurance solutions to virtually every sector of the telecom industry, including cable telephony, wireline, wireless, rural independent, CLEC, and wholesale providers around the globe.

In 1986, Wayne Lowe and Byron Middendorf had a vision to create a great place to work. And on that simple, yet clearly-defined vision, Equinox Information Systems was founded. Twenty-nine years later, Lowe and Middendorf, still at the helm of the ship, have definitively succeeded in fulfilling their founding mission. In fact, Equinox has thrived by focusing on what really matters-family comes first. Company founders know that people with well-cared for families and rewarding lives outside of work are happy employees who wholeheartedly focus on the business of providing the best telecom solutions in the industry when they are on the clock.

Over the years, Equinox has celebrated many notable accomplishments. This year, the company is proud to announce that it is now an employee owned business. The company's transition to an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) is further evidence of Lowe's and Middendorf's steadfast dedication to their original founding vision. Under this new structure, Equinox employees now have stock ownership in the company, with percentage allocations based on performance and tenure (ownership percentage increases according to tenure) until retirement.

As a result of the founders' commitment to take care of their employees, the entire Equinox team is not only dedicated to protecting and optimizing their customers' business endeavors, but is also passionate about establishing personal, long-term relationships with them. "Wayne and I realize that Equinox's success in the market is directly tied to customer satisfaction, which is, of course, fueled by happy, well-tended employees," explained the company's founder and CEO, Byron Middendorf. "In thinking about how to further take care of our employees, instituting an ESOP just felt like the next natural step."

"It was very rewarding to present the new ownership structure and initial stock distribution earlier this year," commented Wayne Lowe, who is Equinox's founder and President. "Transitioning them to stakeholders is a tangible way to thank employees for their years of dedicated work, and it also has exciting implications for our customers! Shared ownership is a catalyst for innovation and collaborative company expense management. In fact, data from national studies shows that employee-owned companies demonstrate improved performance over non-ESOPs. We are all excited about the future!"

The company gratefully acknowledges the contributions of its customers over the past 29 years. This anniversary would not be possible without their support, friendship, and product suggestions. Standing firm on a solid foundation where family still comes first, Equinox is excited about what the future holds for its owners and its customers.

About Equinox
Since 1986, Equinox Information Systems has been helping telecom carriers and service providers around the globe protect and optimize their revenue. The company offers a full range of business assurance solutions that address profitability and network efficiency issues, including data mediation, fraud management, revenue/expense management, routing assurance, usage analytics, network analysis, and custom application development. To learn more about the company, its products, and the people who power them, go to www.equinoxis.com.