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Equinox Delivers Real-Time Network and Financial Analysis Solution for International Wholesale Carriers

Fraud Detection, Traffic Analysis, Mediation, and CDR Utilities Offer Onvoy Maximum Fraud Security and Network Management

NASHVILLE, TN - October 21, 1999 - Responding to market demands for a real-time system to view both domestic and international traffic, Equinox Information Systems announced the commercial availability of TeleScope, a network and financial analysis system that provides carriers with up-to-the-minute information about their network traffic patterns. With this new offering, carriers will be able to know whether or not they have lost or are currently losing money on their traffic route choices with an instant view of their profit margins.

Through its combined expertise in network management and real-time information systems, Equinox is offering TeleScope as a competitive tool for carriers wanting to maximize their international toll revenue and build profitability through proactive network management. The system delivers low cost of ownership and quick return on investment. For most networks, the system can be deployed within a few weeks.

TeleScope is already a key component of Equinox's broader range of telecom software solutions, installed with customers today as a custom application. Tina Gaynor, Vice President of Network Services at CapRock Communications, commented, "The international rate per minute is under pressure like never before. With the current low rates, carriers must significantly increase the volume of their international traffic to be profitable in the international wholesale market. With TeleScope, we can increase this volume and have visibility to completion percentage rates, call duration, cost, and other risks associated with the constantly changing international market."

In addition to real-time analysis of international traffic, the system's open architecture creates historical databases that provide network and financial planners a broader view of the international telecom market. This system will also monitor a multiple-switch network and support incremental rating plans.

The system's deluxe version offers an advanced alert module to prevent potential revenue losses due to network inefficiencies and higher risk customers. Users can set the module to monitor primary route choice, margin thresholds, and daily and weekly credit limits. Alerts are received on-screen or via a built-in paging system.

"Equinox is committed to providing solutions that keep up with the dynamic pace of the industry and offer our customers a competitive advantage in emerging markets," said Equinox's Executive Vice President, David West. "Especially as the European market undergoes deregulation, international wholesale carriers will become more and more competitive. We want to give our clients the advantage they need to become key players in this exciting new market."

About Equinox
Equinox is one of the world's leading developers of software solutions for the telecommunications industry and widely recognized for its full range of telecom software applications backed by exceptional customer support. In addition to custom development, the company currently offers solutions in areas critical to profitability and network efficiency, including mediation, fraud management, CDR and switch administration, and network analysis. For more information, visit Equinox at www.equinoxis.com.