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Equinox Further Expands Market-Proven Mediation and Revenue Assurance Platform


Nashville, TN December 16, 2013 — Nashville-based Equinox Information Systems announced today that the currently available release of TeleLink delivers increased performance as well as enhanced usage analytics, routing assurance, and mediation tools. These latest additions to TeleLink's already extensive list of features are designed to yield even greater returns on investment for telecommunications carriers and service providers who deploy the application. A summary of the most recent product features includes:

  • Increased performance—the system can process up to a quarter billion records a day;
  • Additional usage analytics tools—TeleLink includes a host of new international, mobile, routing assurance, and call detail reports as part of the pre-configured report package;
  • Expanded routing assurance tools—ensure that you are using the best, most cost-effective route for calls on your network and evaluate the cost effectiveness of using new carriers for call routing;
  • Mobile traffic analysis tools—protect existing revenue streams, optimize the customer experience, and develop products and services that generate new revenue streams using the mobile voice and data auditing tools;
  • Availability—dynamic browser-based reporting access makes in-depth analysis available from virtually anywhere;
  • Enhanced enrichment—reports include additional rating, routing, and jurisdictional statistics with usage data; and
  • Support for even more formats—Equinox has experience processing hundreds of data formats, with new data sources and formats being added all the time.

The Armstrong Group of Companies, an industry leader in telecommunications, security, and commercial real estate, has been using TeleLink since 2010. Tom Wilson, Director Telecom Traffic Management for Armstrong explains the benefits afforded by using the recently available features in TeleLink, “The new TeleLink tools will allow us to reduce costs in a number of ways—decreased labor costs through automation as well as providing lower operating costs via an apples-to-apples comparison of rates and routes across multiple carriers.”

TeleLink is designed to solve business assurance challenges by making usage data actionable. It does so by mediating, enriching, and summarizing usage data from the raw files it collects. TeleLink also stores the data for reporting and analysis functions, and it transforms data for delivery to downstream BSS and OSS solutions. The system is installed with multiple pre-configured (canned) reports as well as an advanced report creation tool for generating ad hoc reports. Customers like Carolina West Wireless understand the value of the usage analytics available in TeleLink in expense management strategies. “We constantly strive to optimize and enhance our customer experience,” said Slayton Stewart, Chief Executive Officer for Carolina West Wireless. “TeleLink's data enrichment and reporting features will allow us to validate bills and invoices efficiently and cost effectively. Reducing our operating expenses will in turn help our customers reduce their costs.”

“TeleLink offers greater flexibility, speed, and functionality than other systems on the market,” commented Equinox CEO and owner Byron Middendorf. “With more than twenty-seven years' experience in the telecom industry, Equinox is uniquely positioned to address the mediation and revenue assurance challenges that our customers face today. All enhancements and changes made to TeleLink are designed with the express purpose of helping our customers protect and optimize their bottom line. We are proud of the long-standing relationships we have with our customers.”

Equinox serves hundreds of domestic and international customers with solutions vital to network efficiency and corporate profitability. To learn more about how TeleLink's advanced call/usage detail analytics, call reconciliation, invoice reconstruction, routing assurance, and margin analysis tools can provide essential revenue management, expense management, and network management benefits for you, contact a member of the sales team at (800) 544-8874.

About Equinox
Founded in 1986, Equinox Information Systems provides software solutions to telecommunications customers worldwide. Providing a full range of software applications, which are backed by exceptional customer support, the company offers solutions in areas critical to profitability and network efficiency, including mediation, revenue assurance, fraud management, network analysis, routing assurance, and custom application development. To learn more about the company, its staff, and products, visit www.equinoxis.com.