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New Release Promises to Address the Fraud Management Needs of Large Telecom Carriers, While Remaining The Most Competitively Priced System in the Industry

Nashville, TN - February 5, 2002 - Equinox Information Systems today announced the release of Protector 10, the latest version of the telecom industry's most widely deployed fraud management system.

"We have taken away the need to choose," states Byron Middendorf, Equinox CEO. "Before carriers could have a fraud management system with all the bells and whistles, or they could have an affordable system. While some of the features available with the high-end systems were nice, it was difficult to justify the additional expense. With Protector 10 the best fraud management system available today is also the least expensive system on the market."

Originally released in 1989, Protector is deployed at hundreds of sites, providing real-time fraud protection to carriers around the world. With the 10th release of Protector, the challenge was to take this popular fraud management system and make it even better. New architecture and data warehouse integration allows for more robust data processing and scalability based on a customer's requirements, allowing Protector 10 to effectively monitor large telecom networks in real-time, even during the busiest hour.

"With the release of Protector 10, we integrated new technologies and architectures that have allowed us to achieve a processing rate and functionality that meets or exceeds that of any other telecom fraud system," noted Wayne Lowe, Equinox President. "Our goal was to make Protector as good as any telecom fraud management system in the world, but available at a price that would make effective fraud detection affordable for telecom companies of any size. We met that goal and exceeded our own expectations."

Protector 10 propels this popular system to the enterprise level with the addition of an integrated data warehouse using "n-tier" architecture as well as many other significant technical enhancements, including:

Usage Profiling: Protector 10 automatically creates and modifies customer usage profiles based on a number of parameters, including time of day, dialed region, and day type. Customer and billing entity profiles are updated daily based on actual usage. Suspected fraud cases are created and prioritized based on activity outside of the normal usage profile for the customer or billing entity.

Work Flow Management: New tools are available for managing, investigating, and documenting cases from discovery through resolution. Users have access to data to assist in the investigation process, including historical CDR data, usage history graphs, and billing and customer care information.

Reporting: Protector 10.0 includes new tools for generating reports to document workflow, agent utilization, case statistics, as well as actual and potential fraud losses.

About Protector
Protector monitors telecom networks in real-time to identify instances in which a customer's actual usage varies from expected usage in a manner that suggests fraudulent activity. Protector analyzes network traffic by customer-based on a total usage profile, one-call thresholds, two-call thresholds, and user-defined custom rules-and by network-based on specific originating and terminating numbers, and user-defined custom rules. Over the last fifteen years, Protector has helped hundreds of carriers limit losses to fraud using real-time, rules- and profile-based technology to distinguish fraud from honest customer usage.

About Equinox
Founded in 1986, with hundreds of customers worldwide, Equinox Information Systems is a global provider of software solutions for the telecommunications industry. Providing a full range of software applications, which are backed by exceptional customer support, the company offers solutions in areas critical to profitability and network efficiency, including mediation, fraud detection, CDR and switch administration, and network management, as well as custom application development. For more information, visit Equinox at www.equinoxis.com.