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Equinox Now Offers Customers Direct Access To Additional FMS Tool

Prism Database Further Expands Protector's Value

Nashville, TN January 22, 2016—Nashville-based Equinox Information Systems is excited to announce that the PRISM database is now integrated with their Protector fraud management system. With telecom fraud costing carriers and their customers $38.1 billion a year1, companies must take deliberate action against fraud to protect their revenue. One area of particular concern in the fraud management arena is International Revenue Share Fraud (IRSF), which is up almost 500% the past two years (from $1.8 billion to $10.7 billion), despite a 17% decrease in total fraud during the same period.

Developed jointly by Yates Fraud Consulting Limited and FRSLabs, PRISM is a database of all known test numbers harvested from IPRN (international premium rate number) resellers. The database is currently comprised of 190,000+ test numbers originating from over 220 countries and is designed to specifically address IRSF. To source the database, Yates and FRSLabs access and cleanse IPR test numbers from over 160 number providers, publishing an updated file every 4 weeks to ensure relevancy. Access to the PRISM database is available via browser access based on an annual subscription. Subscribers are alerted when new lists are available for use in daily fraud management activities.

“Carriers cannot ignore the financial impact of IRSF to themselves or their customers. PRISM is a straightforward tool for tackling the threat of IRSF,” stated Colin Yates. “PRISM perfectly complements any existing FMS system, requires no technology overhead (equipment or personnel), and is extremely cost effective (stopping even a single IRSF attack offsets the initial investment many times over). We are excited to combine forces with Equinox on this project.”

Based on the value of the PRISM test numbers in identifying IRSF attacks sooner rather than later, Equinox has arranged to provide access to the PRISM database directly from within Protector, taking full advantage of the system’s alerting and notification capabilities. As a preferred PRISM wholesaler, Equinox is able to offer this solution to their Protector customers at a significant discount. Additionally, the company extends a no-cost, 30 day trial of the PRISM feature to allow for a risk-free evaluation of this beneficial fraud management tool.

“Equinox is always looking for the most efficient, reliable ways to help our customers, especially when it comes to combatting fraud,” noted Equinox’s EVP, David West. “From the onset, we recognized the benefit of the PRISM database in the fight against fraud and have enjoyed working with Colin Yates and FRSLabs to bring this idea to fruition. We are thrilled to further extend Protector’s value for our customers by offering an integrated subscription option to PRISM directly in the system.”

Protector, the most installed fraud management system in the U.S., is used by Equinox customers to process hundreds of millions of call records per day. The automated FMS provides real-time fraud protection by monitoring records for events outside of acceptable usage thresholds. When such events are detected, Protector immediately alerts, so fraud can be stopped right then at the source. Integration with PRISM allows for automatic notification any time one of the numbers is used so it can be shut down before a full-blown IRSF attack occurs. Learn more about PRISM by reading this FAQ: http://frslabs.com/frsblog/2014/08/28/prism-faq-international-revenue-share-fraud-irsf/.

About FRSLabs

FRSLabs is a software engineering company specializing in fraud risk and security products. FRSLabs is a privately held company based in Bangalore, India. From a humble start in 2010 with just two Engineers, the company has steadily added more talent, products, and an impressive clientele. FRSLabs’ partnership with Yates Fraud Consulting resulted in the release of PRISM–A Test Number database and a lightweight web application to detect and prevent International Revenue Share Fraud (IRSF). This cloud based solution can be deployed in a few hours to stop impending IRSF attacks.

About Equinox

Since 1986, Equinox Information Systems has helped telecommunication customers around the globe stop fraud, mediate usage data, manage expense, and optimize revenue. During that time, Protector has well earned its reputation as the most reliable and affordable FMS on the market, saving carriers hundreds of millions of dollars in annual fraud losses. The company's solutions are currently deployed in virtually every sector of telecom, including cable telephony, wireless, wireline, rural independent, CLEC, and wholesale providers. To learn more about how to put the company's solutions to work for you, go to www.equinoxis.com.

1Global fraud loss estimate figures taken from CFCA 2015 Global Fraud Loss Survey