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Frankfort Plant Board Deploys Equinox Software to Streamline Mediation and Billing Processes


Nashville, TN - May 24, 2002 - Nashville-based Equinox Information Systems today announced that Frankfort Plant Board, a CLEC and ISP providing local and long distance service in the Frankfort, Kentucky area, has licensed both Collector Deluxe and ExtractCDR. These applications allow Frankfort Plant Board to efficiently process their call detail records (CDRs) for billing and customer service initiatives.

"We chose to implement Collector Deluxe and ExtractCDR so we can quickly move CDRs off of our switches to our billing system," explained Karl Pitzer, IT Director of Frankfort Plant Board. "These applications play a critical role in allowing us to bill our customers in a timely and accurate fashion."

Collector Deluxe provides real-time delivery of CDRs off of most telephone switches via X.25, TCP/IP, or file transfer protocol (FTP) communication protocols. In addition to real-time CDR transmission, the system also offers automated tools for data verification and alarming. ExtractCDR transforms raw switch data and billing records into usable formats. The application prepares data for export into most billing systems as well as leading spreadsheet and database applications.

"We are pleased to provide software applications to support Frankfort Plant Board's expansion of service offerings to include local, long distance, and Internet services," stated Scot Rand, who is responsible for North American business development for Equinox. "Together, Collector Deluxe and ExtractCDR represent an ideal solution to streamline mediation and billing processes. I look forward to a long and successful relationship with Frankfort Plant Board."

About Frankfort Plant Board
Frankfort Plant Board (FPB) is a provider of high-speed Internet access, telephony service, cable television, water, electric, and security services to customers in the Frankfort, Kentucky area. FPB is currently building out a new full service network to enhance their cable television and telephony services as well as offering customers remote monitoring and control of their electric, water and cable services. For more information, please visit FPB at www.fpb.cc.

About Equinox
Founded in 1986, with hundreds of customers worldwide, Equinox Information Systems is a global provider of software solutions for the telecommunications industry. Providing a full range of software applications, which are backed by exceptional customer support, the company offers solutions in areas critical to profitability and network efficiency, including mediation, fraud detection, CDR and switch administration, and network management, as well as custom application development. For more information, visit Equinox at www.equinoxis.com.