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Minnesota's Largest Integrated Communications Provider Chooses Equinox Software Suite

Fraud Detection, Traffic Analysis, Mediation, and CDR Utilities Offer Onvoy Maximum Fraud Security and Network Management

NASHVILLE, TN - October 25, 1999 - Onvoy awarded Equinox Information Systems a large-scale contract for a suite of software systems as the carrier gears up as the Midwest region's leading provider of integrated voice, data, and Internet services. Within the suite, Onvoy acquired Collector, an X.25 call collection system; Protector Deluxe, one of the most widely used fraud detection systems; Manager 99, an advanced traffic analysis system; and ShowCDR Deluxe, a sophisticated call record search utility system. Together, the systems will offer Onvoy a comprehensive view of its network activity so that it can optimize efficiency and combat the rising problem of telecommunications fraud.

"We chose Equinox because no other system can do as much as far as quality, flexibility, and service. The Equinox suite offers us the best cost defense mechanism by providing a full range of applications for our multiple business areas," reports Gary Kosin, Director of Engineering for Onvoy. "These systems will provide Onvoy greater cost reduction with enhanced fraud monitoring for our long distance traffic, access verification on our carrier access bills, advanced trouble shooting, and expanded traffic analysis-all of which will increase our competitiveness."

"As companies like Onvoy progress and become more integrated, their needs become more complex," noted Byron Middendorf, CEO of Equinox Information Systems. "They need sophisticated means to ensure that their network continues to run smoothly and seamlessly, despite expanded service and increased traffic. Equinox provides Onvoy a powerful network management solution by meeting their multiple needs with our full product line. We have a successful track record with CLECs, IXCs, and integrated communication providers (ICPs) because our systems can easily and cost-effectively expand as their business grows."

Plymouth-based Onvoy, comprised of former companies MEANS Telcom, MEANS Communications and MRNet, is Minnesota's single source for integrated voice, data, and network services. As Minnesota's largest Internet provider and a leading provider of long distance, videoconferencing and high-speed data networking services, Onvoy serves the vast majority of small- to medium-sized businesses and Minnesota-based Fortune 500 companies, most of the state's higher education institutions, nearly all of the state's K-12 schools, public libraries, state and county governments, more than 70 regional Internet Service Providers and more than two-thirds of the state's independent local telephone companies. Onvoy is privately owned. Visit Onvoy at www.onvoy.com.

About Equinox
Equinox is one of the world's leading developers of software solutions for the telecommunications industry and widely recognized for its full range of telecom software applications backed by exceptional customer support. In addition to custom development, the company currently offers solutions in areas critical to profitability and network efficiency, including mediation, telecom fraud management, CDR and switch administration, and network analysis. For more information, visit Equinox at www.equinoxis.com.