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2014 Brings Multiple Milestones For Equinox


Nashville, TN October 1, 2014 — Nashville-based Equinox Information Systems proudly reports several company milestones. September marks the start of the company’s 29th year. Equinox was founded in 1986 on a simple, yet clearly-defined vision: to be a great place to work. Owners and founders, Wayne Lowe and Byron Middendorf, have succeeded in fulfilling this mission by focusing on what really matters—family comes first. Knowing that their families are well cared for allows Equinox employees to wholeheartedly focus on the business of providing the best telecom solutions in the industry when they are on the clock.

And this philosophy is directly responsible for milestone number 2, which saw Equinox sign their 350th customer in company history. Equinox’s employees are passionate about helping carriers protect and optimize revenue, believing that each customer should not only benefit from their products, but should also enjoy the experience. Instead of wielding large advertising budgets or flashy marketing campaigns, the company relies on the best form of marketing—personal referrals from existing customers. Every member of the Equinox team takes this commitment seriously. As a result, the majority of new customers come through industry referrals or experience using the product at a previous employer.

The company takes great pride in their reputation, knowing that it is built on a foundation of repeatedly exceeding customer expectations. The results of a recent survey unequivocally demonstrate success in this arena, as 97% of respondents said “Yes, absolutely!” when asked whether they would recommend Equinox products to their friends and colleagues. When asked to rate their experience with the Equinox Support Team, 87% checked the highest rating of “Extraordinary”! These figures are astounding on their own rights but are even more noteworthy when compared to excellence ratings from other support departments and net promoter scores, regardless of industry.

Such results reinforce the core principles that drive Equinox and perhaps explain yet another phenomenon, which is repeat business. The company offers business assurance solutions in two distinct categories: fraud management (Protector) and mediation/usage analytics (TeleLink). While virtually no customer buys both Protector and TeleLink simultaneously, more than 40% of all customers now rely on and have both solutions in place. Based on the relationship and overall project ROI, customers repeatedly task Equinox with helping them achieve additional revenue saving and optimization efforts.

When asked to comment on the company’s success to date, Equinox Executive Vice President David West had this to say, “Surpassing milestones such as total numbers of customers, net promoter score, and repeat business is an exciting accomplishment. However, these measures merely reflect our success at what really matters—creating and maintaining an environment where talented people can excel at their jobs and also enjoy their families and lives outside of work. The milestones we celebrate today are possible because of Equinox’s 28-year investment in employee happiness.”

Since its inception, Equinox has helped customers in the telecommunication industry stop fraud, mediate usage data, manage expense, and optimize revenue. The company has grown over the years and adapted technologically to become an industry leader for business assurance software solutions. They are grateful for each and every customer who joined them on this journey.

TeleLink provides essential revenue management, expense management, and network management benefits. The usage analytics system collects raw files, mediates and transforms them into actionable records, and stores the data for in-depth statistical and usage reporting. TeleLink is delivered with a set of pre-configured reports as well as an advanced report creation tool for generating ad hoc reports.

Protector is widely recognized as the industry’s most reliable and affordable tool for combatting telecommunications fraud. The automated fraud management system employs dynamic profiling and proprietary monitoring metrics to identify suspicious activity, ensuring it detects all types of fraud—even the newest schemes. The system also includes an integrated case management and investigation tool.

About Equinox
Since 1986, Equinox Information Systems has been helping telecom customers around the globe protect and optimize their revenue since 1986. The company’s affordable, reliable solutions have been deployed to virtually every sector of the telecom industry, including cable telephony, wireless, wireline, rural independent, CLEC, and wholesale providers around the globe. Equinox’s customers include 6 of the top 10 ILECS, 6 of the top 10 cable companies, and most of the tier 2 US carriers. To learn more about how to put the company’s solutions to work for you, go to www.equinoxis.com or call (800) 544-8874.