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There are a lot of customers, employees, vendors, partners, and former employees who wanted to congratulate Equinox and especially Byron and Wayne on their achievement:


WOW - 30 Years! Congratulations Byron and Wayne on reaching this impressive milestone! As a customer of Equinox for many years - most recently as a user of Equinox Protector - TDS has been beyond impressed with the technology and solutions you provide, but even more impressed with the team of talented individuals you have assembled. Here’s to another 30 years!!!
Nichole Schneeberger, TDS Telecom

Congratulations on Equinox’s 30th anniversary Byron, Wayne and the whole Equinox team! One of my favorite memories was watching Byron with a huge smile on his face whizzing around a go-cart track competing for a winning title (and our business) while I sat in the stands cheering for my analyst, Ellen, to push forward and take the prize. Little did I know that the real prize was the relationship that was formed with Equinox over 15 years ago. I have been through a multitude of acquisitions, internal changes to leadership and responsibilities, the pains of growing (and reducing) fraud teams, and now even in a new role at another company, Equinox is still by my side! Thank you for creating a company that has great products and a phenomenal team of knowledgeable employees to support them. Congratulations again, I wish you another 30 years of success!
Mary Hochheimer

I would like to congratulate Byron and Wayne on the 30th anniversary of Equinox. It is truly an outstanding accomplishment to grow and thrive in the ever changing telecommunications market. I remember that I first came to know of Equinox after we acquired a CLEC out of bankruptcy in 2002 that had a relationship with Equinox. I think eventually I purchased one of almost anything Equinox offers to support our mediation and fraud processing. But, the application that made me a fan immediately was the SHOWama / ShowCDR viewer. With SHOW, finally I had a tool that I could read any AMA raw file directly and produce reports showing all the “problems with the switch calls” and that it was not billing errors after all! Congratulations!
David Vernon

Congratulations Byron and Wayne on 30 years in this crazy industry! When our network came under attack, you were there for us, and we have not had a significant loss since.
Rick Riordan

Congratulations on your 30th Anniversary Byron and Wayne!
FairPoint Communications

Byron & Wayne: just a note of Congratulations to you both and the wonderful company you have constructed. First Communications has been a partner with Equinox for many years, and the quality of your products and more importantly the superior quality of your people has been evident since Day 1. Your team has helped us navigate the choppy waters that come with numerous acquisitions and system integrations that have occurred over the years, and we couldn’t be more appreciative. We look forward to continuing and growing our relationship in the coming years. Enjoy your day and the pride that you must have for what you both have built.
Mike Leedy, First Communications

Congratulations Wayne and Byron! It is amazing (not surprising) that your company is celebrating 30 years. I have been with Consolidated Communications for 31 years so assuming we were one of your very first customers. We remember the days when Byron would come on site to do the software installations and would not go home until everything worked. What I like about your company is you listen to your users and you would improve your software based on that input. I really miss the user group meetings since I am not in Fraud anymore. We really enjoy doing business with your company since you have some great people working for you and you follow-through on your commitments. I truly believe you have always done what was right for the customer. We look forward to doing business with your company for many years to come. You should be very proud of your accomplishments and your employees! So have a great celebration, you all earned it!
Ann Niemerg, CCI

Byron and Wayne, Congratulations on hitting the 30-year milestone. Having first started our association with Equinox in roughly 2002 I felt confident that we had found a solid performer that had confidence in their product and in their ability to support us as a client in a professional yet personal manner. The team at Equinox has never disappointed on either front. The team the two of you have put together, many of whom have been there since our relationship started, is top notch. And I look forward to working with Equinox for many years to come. Regards,
Jim Forbes, HTC

Byron & Wayne -
THIRTY years - 3-0!!! What a great accomplishment for a fabulous company that I am happy to have partnered with for 6 years and counting! We came to you all needing a solution implemented quickly and your team delivered, and has continued to deliver, each and every time we’ve asked. While your products speak for themselves, I think what I was most impressed with at Equinox was the environment that I saw when onsite for a user conference in 2011. The team at Equinox, led by both of you, was all-in - and seeing that as a customer reinforced that we had made the right choice in trusting you to help our business succeed. I will never forget hearing you talk about being the ones to take the after-hours calls, because if your staff needed to be up late or involved, you should be too. What a great foundation to build a company on; tip of the hat to you both.
Congrats again and best wishes for many, many more years of success! All the best,
Shelly Stork, iWireless

Byron and Wayne, Congratulations on 30 years of great contributions to the Telecom Industry! Although we have only partnered with Equinox for the past 6 years, it sure has been a wonderful partnership! We wish you the best of luck and many more years of continued success! Thanks,
Tony Tohme, ACN

Congratulations Byron & Wayne on your 30-year anniversary!
My first memory of Equinox is from Byron’s visit to Sioux Falls in the late 80’s. Midco Communications had a very small phone division at the time. Although things didn’t work out then, I continued to stop and visit with Equinox every time I attended Comptel (and of course, to sample a cookie or two.). Midco finally became a customer a few years ago. Even though Equinox has great products, their people are even better!
Nancy Vogel, Midco

Byron and Wayne,
Congratulations on Equinox’s 30-year Anniversary. I am very happy for you on the outstanding accomplishment. I do still remember working with each of you along with Ronnie and Joe way back in the “good ole days”. I remember working with the awesome Equinox team, creating the billing system for Network Billing along with the implementation of the usage system. What great times! Again, Congratulations and best wishes for another 30 years or more.
Joyce Latham, Windstream

Byron, Wayne and Equinox,
Congratulations on 30 years! Although we’ve only been working together for a small fraction of that time, your companies experience and expertise is very evident. You have a great product but more importantly you have built a great team of committed individuals whose expertise is often overshadowed by their keen wit. We have seen this commitment in both our implementations not only during the implementation itself, but also afterwards when Equinox proactively reached out to setup post release training. As for the wit and humor, it pops up from time to time and is always welcome. It’s a pleasure working with you all! All the best in years to come.
Mike Yellen

Dear Byron, Wayne and all the wonderful folks at Equinox:
Wow! 30 years! It has been such a privilege knowing you all and working with you, not only as a member of the CFCA, but as a customer, and a friend. Your support of the association has been greatly appreciated and your willingness to share information and your expertise in fraud management has benefited hundreds of members over the years, no one more so than me! Congratulations on your success and here's wishing you 30 more years of great fraud solutions (and pretty good food!). Best Wishes,
Dana Bruce Berry, CCSP

Congratulations to you all on 30 years of service. We appreciate the Protector product as well as your great supporting staff. We look forward to continued improvements in the future. Congrats & Best Wishes!!
Network Fraud Dept @ EarthLink Business

Dear Byron, Wayne, and the whole Equinox family,
Congratulations on your 30 year anniversary - that’s quite an achievement! To say a lot has changed in the telecom industry since 1986 is a serious understatement, but Equinox has been there throughout, outliving some of the largest companies in our industry. That’s no small feat. I first began using the Protector system some 15-20 years ago at ATX Communications (now part of Broadview Networks) and have since implemented it here at my new home, Evolve IP. I’m proud to assist your development team as they take Protector into the future with the enhancements around SIP and look forward to our continued partnership for many years to come. Here’s to another 30 years!
Pete Eisengrein

Being a customer of Equinox at a few companies since 1994, I had the pleasure of meeting Byron way back in the beginning when I was at VarTec Telecom. At that time we had Protector. Current technology at the time called for using a 386 or 486, not sure which one, but it worked great!! Years later we purchased Manager. The relationship with you and Byron and the companies I worked for was a very good one up to the present. Over the years I have recommended Equinox to many companies who have become Customers of yours. I am not one to just throw companies names out there unless they have a solid product. Equinox over the years has proven to always have excellent products as well as Customer Service. This derives from Byron and Wayne, who have strived to make your company one I would recommend no matter where I am employed.
It is a great honor to have met Byron and Wayne and see your company grow as it has to serve the fast passed telecommunications industry!!
John McArdle, Armstrong Telecommunications

Congratulations Wayne and Byron! It is an amazing accomplishment to for any company to celebrate 30 years, but even more amazing in telecom and technology. I started working with Wayne and Byron way back in ’85 (yes that was the last century). Over the years I would occasionally visit the office when we were working on a large project and we would sneak out in the afternoon to test equipment. Testing equipment was their code word for skipping out to play golf, which they would always treat me to when I would come down - even when it started to snow on us and the idiot customer from Minnesota didn’t have enough sense to call it a day. As soon as I sank my last put on 18 they literally ran for the clubhouse. Equinox always did a spectacular job for us. Our company was very fast paced and dynamic. In addition to being great to work with, I think the thing we were most grateful for was they were ALWAYS available to help. Didn’t matter when or what we needed help with they were always happy to help. Congratulations and best wishes.
Kirk Danzl, American Sharecom

Congratulations on 30 years. You should be so proud of your product and your teams who support the product I can’t live without it !!!! no one should have to. So happy to share my thoughts on your product so proud of your accomplishments. Warm regards
Cindy Robinson, Primus Canada

The Telem Group of Companies would like to congratulate the entire team, but especially Mr. Middendorf and Mr. Lowe with the 30th anniversary of Equinox. We would like to wish you many more years of success!
‘Unity is strength... when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved’ - Mattie Stepanek
‘Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.’ - Henry Ford
Telem Group

Byron and Wayne,
I wish you a well-deserved congratulations as Equinox celebrates its 30th anniversary. Our companies’ relationship has existed for over one-half of this time and there’s a good reason for this. Your management style and approach to the vendor-customer relationship has always aligned well with our company’s vision and practices. This was no more evident than with the handling of the situation my company was put in several years ago dealing with an uncooperative/opportunistic vendor. Equinox instead saw an opportunity to expand an already good business relationship by finding an alternative solution at a price that was fair to both parties. In the end, you saved the day and I was more than happy to buy those rounds of beer for the team involved. May the next 30 years be as fun and fruitful as the first 30. Cheers!
Ed King

Byron and Wayne:
Congratulations on 30 very successful years! As a long time Equinox customer, I can attest to the outstanding partnership Consolidated has enjoyed with Equinox. No matter what our need, Equinox was able to work with us to find a solution. It’s been much more of a friendship than a business relationship and for that you have my heartfelt thanks. Best Wishes to all on this wonderful occasion.
Cheryl Smith Rardin

Dear Wayne and Byron,
I am thrilled to be able to congratulate you both on the 30th anniversary of Equinox Information Systems! You have a wonderful team that is so very helpful and fun to work with. I have used your software at 3 different telecom providers over the past 15 years and have been very pleased with all aspects of the product and working with your outstanding team. You have made a material contribution to the industry, and if there were a telecom platform Hall of Fame, you both would be in it. Congratulations for the past 30 years of service, and good luck on the next 30 years to come. Sincerely,
R.J. Walker, Telesystem/Buckeye Broadband

“Congratulations to Byron and Wayne on 30 years of business. I first started working with Wayne and Equinox in 1991 when I was employed at WCT Communications. We were expanding our network continually and adding switches across the country which required some massive database changes on the switches. The DSC DEX400 and 600 were our switching platforms. DSC wanted an arm and a leg to do the database work, so in comes the super brainiac Wayne Lowe to successfully crack the DSC code and perform the required changes without DSC’s help. We were on the phone a lot during those days, mostly at night, as we cut a number of switches into the network. It was a very high stress, fast paced, last minute environment, but Wayne was always calm amidst the chaos. It was a pleasure to work with him, and as a result, my association with Equinox has continued ever since. Great job Byron and Wayne!”
Mark Jordan, Utility Telecom

Byron and Wayne are pioneers I can appreciate as we enter our 20th Anniversary with Richard Brown and Robin Byers as pioneers for their company as well. Congrats to Byron and Wayne for this huge accomplishment and for hopes of 30 more years of great business.
David Horowitz, Access Point Inc.


Congratulations Wayne and Byron! Equinox is an amazing place to work! Your business model of putting people first, and creating an environment where good people flourish has served us all well. When I first started working here, I quickly discovered that everyone was dedicated to this company, and creating the best software and service possible. That is a testament to your leadership and vision. Every place I had worked previously was composed mostly of people just trying to get a paycheck, but here, there is a family feel. A common goal to support each other, and produce the best product for our customers. It has been challenging, and rewarding, and an inspiration. It is no wonder that everyone has been here for so long. It truly is a great place to work and it has been a life saver for me in more ways than I can describe. Thank you for everything you have done in creating this company. Thank you for this opportunity to be a part of something really special, and congratulations on 30 great years!
Adam Socha

Congratulations on what you have achieved here at Equinox! I’m grateful for your founding vision and hard work in the early days that paved the way for what we currently enjoy today. I especially thank you for giving me the opportunity to continue my professional career while also fulfilling my personal responsibilities outside of work. Many wishes for another successful and happy 30 years!
Amy Oldham

Byron and Wayne, Thanks for making Equinox a great place to work! It’s such a blessing and a rarity to work at a place where family comes first. It gives us all tremendous freedom, flexibility, and peace of mind so that when we come to work we can excel at what we’re doing. Thanks for this opportunity!
Bill Menees

I am very thankful for the working environment that they have provided their employees and how much they care.
Chris Lowe

Byron and Wayne, Congratulations on the 30th anniversary of Equinox. I hope that you both realize what a positive impact the company has had on my life. I will be forever grateful for the opportunity to have worked for both of you. You have created a successful company and a wonderful work environment. You have happy employees and customers. I wish you both continued success and happiness. All my best, Christi
Christi Vanoye

Thank you Byron and Wayne for taking a risk on a noob from Lipscomb who could not even get his car out of the icy parking lot after his interview. Thank you for enduring the humming of Last of the Mohicans through the air vents, the all-night Protector coding, and the persistent parade of requests for new hardware and software. Thank you for populating Equinox with talented and outstanding individuals. Thank you for ensuring our survival through the telecom depression. Thank you for being the friends I never thought I would find among my bosses. And thank you for being the bosses I never thought I would find among my friends.
David Bastin

Thirty years in, and Equinox is doing better than ever. That clearly is a testament to your leadership. I’m incredibly grateful to have been along for so much of the ride. Just about everything I know about business and working with others, I’ve learned from the two of you. Watching you set priorities, make decisions, face hard choices, and walk through challenging times has encouraged, inspired, and empowered me to apply what I’ve learned to my own life. Congratulations on what you’ve accomplished and even more so for what you done for your customers and your employees. Here’s to many more years!
David West

Byron & Wayne congratulations on 30 years of Equinox. I’m so happy to have been with you for 21 of those 30 years. This was my 1st job out of college and hopefully my last one as well. I’m sure it’s rare for someone to say that my 2 bosses are 2 of my closest friends, I’m one of the lucky ones that can actually say that.
Derek Drake

The leadership at Equinox has always encouraged a very casual but still professional, efficient, and productive environment. They have an attitude that they are not “above” doing any kind of task, and the fact that they take after hours support calls first before passing them on to the support department says a lot about their respect and appreciation for what we do. The fact that sometimes Wayne and his wife take care of doing the office cleaning is a testament to the general attitude that when there is a task to be done for the benefit of the company, they’re glad to take care of it no matter what.
Eric Bright

My 18 years with Equinox has been some of the best years of my life and my family's life. I try very hard not to take the greatest work environment for granted.
Ernest Howell

Congratulations for 30 years of Equinox. Thank you for making a company that values family. You are excellent leaders and have had a profound impact on both me and my family. Thank you for allowing me to be part of such a wonderful company.
Joe Herron

Congratulations Byron and Wayne on 30 years of running a great company! It’s been fun to watch the the company grow and evolve over the last 21 years. Thank you for providing such an enjoyable place to work where family comes first.
Johnny Sikes

Byron and Wayne, Thanks so much for creating a positive work environment that values employees and their families. I’ve enjoyed my years with Equinox.
Kevin Cantrell

I began working at Equinox in May of 1993. I have so many memories of my time here at Equinox. My favorite memories are the ones that involve my relationships with my coworkers and the laughter we’ve shared over the years. I have countless memories of the little things Byron and Wayne do every day for me to make work enjoyable along with the grand gestures that show me that I am an integral part of this company. Equinox really is a great place to work. Byron and Wayne founded Equinox with the primary goal that still holds true today. I know when they say, “Family comes first” that they mean it because I have experienced it. It’s been 23 years that I’ve had the pleasure of being a part Equinox. I am loyal to Equinox and Equinox is loyal to me. I will forever be grateful for the grace and compassion they have shown me and my family over the years. I am thankful that God led me to Equinox where I have met people who are now like family to me.
Lesa Grubbs

I’ve had a unique perspective growing up alongside Equinox over the past 30 years. I remember the days as a small child taking out the trash out of each of the offices. When I started here in 2010, I was apprehensive about the people accepting me as an equal. It’s not easy seeing some kid take out your trash and then some years later working alongside that same person. It has been a joy and a source of great pride to work alongside the team here.
A source of motivation for me has always been to work in such a way to make Byron and Wayne proud that they took a chance in hiring me in the first place. As people within the industry come up to me to inquire if I am indeed related to Wayne somehow, I smile and say “Yep, He’s my dad!” Then those same people tell their stories of Byron and Wayne taking trips to visit them and how they both worked so hard. I will do my best to continue that legacy here at Equinox.
Matt Lowe

I would like to say, that working at Equinox has shown me the important things about a career. It’s not about how much you get paid, but about the relationships you build with your co-workers and the gratitude you feel that Byron and Wayne actually care about you. I have enjoyed that the Monday Morning Meeting includes laughter and teasing and the company planned outings are entertaining. I feel like Wayne and Byron have done a great job to make sure we enjoy our job and look out for our well-being.
Mitch Heffington

Working at Equinox for the last 20 plus years has been a blessing. I remember my first day like it was yesterday - I was a young military wife fresh out of college and had recently moved to Tennessee. Thank you for the opportunity to work at Equinox. During the first few years, Byron and Wayne always made sure Don and I had time together before and after his frequent long deployments. Uncle Sam decided to move us to North Carolina in 2000. My biggest concern was leaving the Equinox family. Once again, Wayne and Byron stepped up to the plate by allowing me to telework. It has always been a pleasure to work for Equinox. Thanks for always being thoughtful and generous employers. Here's a toast to the next thirty years. Happy Thirtieth Anniversary!
Renee Workman

I truly appreciate the opportunity I was given as a young man to work at Equinox. During that time, a week has not gone by without a reminder of how good it is to work for Byron and Wayne. There are many, many ways that I have seen them show that they care about all of us at Equinox and our families. That care ranges from simple questions about self and family, to genuine concern when someone is ill, to their willingness to share ownership of the company with the employees. Their faith is truly reflected in the way they treat all of their employees and others in the community. I really appreciate all they have done to make Equinox what it is today, and all of the kindness they have shown me over the last 26 years.
Ronnie Gibbs

Partners and Vendors

Byron, Wayne,
Congratulations on 30 years in business! Thirty years is quite an accomplishment in this market and we think it is due to your continued focus on customers and employees. We at IDI are proud to call you a partner and look forward to continuing that for many more years to come.
Yours Friends at IDI

Since becoming business partners with your organization from the early 90’s, Equinox and OSG have always had a sharing of leads and opportunities unmatched in the marketplace. I always have viewed your organization as a “consistent and extremely reputable partner”...from the “cookies and telescope” giveaways at your booth for every trade show, right on through your product offering and services you offer the Telecommunication’s space. Congratulations on your 30th anniversary...quite a milestone!.... much success in the future!! Best Regards,
Ron Whaley, OSG Billing Services

Byron & Wayne,
You have my heartiest congratulations on 30 years of success at Equinox. I have lots of good memories of our business relationship and friendship over the years. I value those memories and am very thankful to be around to congratulate you on your big three oh and to wish you all the best in the future.
Steven B. Parker, CPA

Dear Byron and Wayne: CONGRATULATIONS!!! Wow, 30 years in business is quite the accomplishment! I’m sure when you started the company all those year ago, neither of you probably would have imagined such success. Growing the company like you have at a steady pace with increasing profitability is not an easy task either. Under your leadership, Equinox has become a great place to work and has provided a good income many families as well as increased wealth with the recent ESOP. That alone must give you great pride. I wish I had more companies and owners like you! I'm sure your business partners and clients feel the same. May the best still be ahead!!! Sincerely,
Karen Buchanan, Financial Advisor and Friend

As a longstanding member of the Communications Fraud Control Association we want to congratulate Equinox on celebrating their 30th Anniversary. In an industry fraught with continuous change Equinox has proven to be a reliable and steadfast partner for all its clients. As a CFCA member we want to thank Equinox for all the years of support and sponsorship and we hope to continue the relationship for many years to come. To another successful 30th years!!
Roberta Aronoff, CFCA Executive Director

Congratulations on 30 years. As a business owner myself, the commitment you have made over 30 years is impressive and a clear statement of how much you respect and appreciate your employees. I am sure you have had plenty of opportunities to “cash in” and go live another dream and chalk up “bucket list” goals but you stayed committed and as a result continued to make payroll and help your employees live their dreams.
Mark Lammert, Compliance Solutions, Inc.

Congratulations Byron and Wayne for nurturing Equinox, over the past 30 years, to be the leading competitor it is today. You’ve never compromised on quality or placing value on your customer relationships. Equinox has never taken their success for granted as is demonstrated by meeting the ever changing needs of your customer’s through continued innovation and development. I’ve known, and have done business with, Equinox for almost as many years as they’ve been in business. I’ve grown accustomed to benefiting from the products offered. On one occasion, I found myself needing an Equinox application my budget couldn’t support. After rigorous negotiations I was finally presented with a creative financial solution. Shortly thereafter I received a pair of pink boxing gloves with a clever poem about my persuasiveness. During my last move I found them and couldn’t help remembering that time and smiling. I’ve appreciated our business relationship over the years and wish you and your company many more years of continued success.
Debbie Gainor, Technologies Management, Inc.

Former Employees

One thing I will always remember about Byron and Wayne was their integrity and generosity. It's not easy to run a business, of any size, but I feel like they always had a strong moral compass on which they leaned when making decisions in the grey. I remember one year I was there they gave out random bonuses to ALL employees, I believe around the holidays, just because the company did better than expected. Byron told a story about someone paying for another person's meal as a random act of kindness, and encouraged everyone to do something similar. Having worked for a number of companies since Equinox, I've typically observed management trying to find every way imaginable to line their pockets at the expense of their peers or the employees. Reflecting back on this memory now with the benefit of perspective makes it all the more refreshing and appreciated.
Jeremy Landa

Hello Byron and Wayne, I hope you all are both doing well. I wanted to write a quick note of congratulations on your 30th anniversary! Thank you both for being men of integrity and for making Equinox such a great place to work. I have no doubt in my mind that the values instilled in the company will continue to carry forward through the next generation. Difficult times do happen for any company. Some decisions are made more difficult by certain circumstances beyond anyone's control. I appreciate all that you all have done to make Equinox a place where many have continued to learn. During and after my time there, I'm appreciative for the leadership you provided. Your exemplary leadership and ethical standards have been a great foundation for me in the business world.
I also always appreciate your generosity throughout these years as you have helped many of us along financially. Plus, you encourage family as being as important as the business itself. Some of the best memories are the surprise times you came around with a bonus when I greatly needed financial assistance. I also am thankful for all the fun times playing basketball at the YMCA during lunch as well as gathering friends and families together during the holidays. I wish you all prosperity and good health. Here's to many years to come with Equinox!
Dwight A. Shaffer

Dear Byron & Wayne,
Congratulations on your 30th anniversary! 30 years in the telecom world is probably the equivalent of about 100 years in human life. That is quite an achievement! In the five years that I was associated with Equinox you have left a special impression with me. You two are the most decent, honest and admirable leaders of any company I have dealt with. Your high standards and leadership by example are certainly the main reason that your company is so successful and enjoys such high employee loyalty. I think of my time with Equinox often with fond memories. I wish you nothing but all the best!
Bert Croezen

Byron / Wayne:
Congratulations on this momentous occasion! Equinox is a great example of a small business success story. I appreciate the opportunity you provided me as a new sales person in the industry. I learned an incredible amount during my 6 years there. I wish you the best and continued success. Best,
David Ledbetter

When Dennis started at Equinox in 1988, the only other employees were founders Byron Middendorf and Wayne Lowe. With a background in computer hardware service and repair, programming was just a hobby for Dennis. His intellect, curiosity, determination, wit, and desire to always scour out the best deal were just a few the qualities that made him an invaluable asset. During his tenure with the company, he touched or created code within every solution ever deployed. As Equinox’s Vice President of Information Technology for 27 plus years, Dennis loved the unique challenge of the ever-changing telecommunications world. He passed away peacefully in his sleep on November 22, 2015 following a three-year battle with Multiple System Atrophy (MSA). He enriched the lives of everyone with whom he worked. He is greatly missed at Equinox.
In loving memory: DENNIS WYNNE 1958 - 2015