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TCAST Communications Implements TeleComp, a Payphone Compensation Custom Reporting Application

Nashville, TN - October 17, 2006 - Nashville-based Equinox Information Systems today announced the development of a new application to work in conjunction with its TeleLink mediation system. The new application, named TeleComp, has been licensed by TCAST Communications to provide detailed reporting on usage data involving pay phones. By storing pay phone usage data in a private data warehouse, the system allows for easy reporting on data from both switch-based resellers (SBRs) and prepaid calling card companies (PPCCs).

The key features of TeleComp are:

  • Reporting any discrepancies between SBR and PPCC data.
  • Identifying payphone service provider (PSP) ownership and the appropriate rate calls for billing.
  • Generating reports to audit usage, fulfill billing requirements, and spot fraudulent activity.

"Equinox is a trusted partner for software development because of their vast experience in telecom data processing and software development," said Mark Jordan, CEO of TCAST Communications. "TeleComp will play a key role in allowing us to make better business decisions related to our operations involving pay phones. We look forward to working with Equinox again on future software application projects."

"We have enjoyed collaborating with TCAST to develop TeleComp," noted David West, Executive Vice President of Equinox. "Expanding our line of products to include custom reporting on pay phone usage data is a natural step towards our goal of providing the widest range of software solutions in the communications industry."

About TCAST Communications
TCAST Communications is a facilities-based licensed CLEC and long distance carrier specializing in low cost, high-quality long distance services for the business and residential communities. Since 1995, the company has provided a wide range of services, including domestic and international calling, local calling, toll-free, T1 service and calling card plans. For more information, please visit www.tcastcom.com.

About Equinox
Founded in 1986, with hundreds of customers worldwide, Equinox Information Systems is a global provider of software solutions for the telecommunications industry. Providing a full range of software applications, which are backed by exceptional customer support, the company offers solutions in areas critical to profitability and network efficiency, including revenue assurance, fraud management, mediation, network analysis, and custom application development. For more information, visit Equinox at www.equinoxis.com.