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Equinox Supplies TDS Telecom With Another Business Assurance Solution

Company Deploys Telelink for Reporting, Routing Assurance, Analytics

(NASHVILLE, TN) November 22, 2016—Leading telecom solutions supplier Equinox Information Systems announced today that TDS Telecom, the 7th largest local exchange telephone company in the U.S., has deployed the TeleLink usage analytics and reporting platform. The decision to select and implement TeleLink 7 was based in part on TDS’s previous experience with Equinox and their Protector solution. In 2014, TDS licensed this automated fraud management solution (FMS) to monitor their network as part of their ongoing effort to provide customers with leading edge business technology solutions. This year, TDS approached Equinox for help automating their rate analysis routing assurance processes.

“Our goal for this project initiative was to increase efficiency by automating several manual steps in our rate analysis and least cost routing processes,” explained Phillip Berry, who is Manager–Phone Product Management for TDS. “The TeleLink system not only performs these tasks, but it also provides an extremely flexible reporting engine that lets us really dig into and analyze our network traffic and usage.”

TeleLink solves business assurance challenges by making usage data actionable. Its advanced usage detail analytics and reporting engine provide essential revenue management, expense management, and network management benefits. By automating the collection, aggregation, and summarization of usage data, TeleLink efficiently and cost effectively provides centralized and immediate access to crucial usage analytics across the organization. TDS relies on TeleLink to further extend their existing routing assurance efforts and to generate in-depth network performance metrics.

“We are pleased to provide TDS Telecom with another business assurance solution,” stated Equinox EVP David West. “As a company who values relationships above all else, it’s extremely satisfying when an existing customer asks for help addressing another business challenge. We are grateful for the trust we’ve established with TDS since our first project with them.”

About TDS Telecom

TDS Telecommunications Corporation (TDS Telecom/TDS®), a wholly owned subsidiary of Telephone and Data Systems, Inc., is the seventh largest local exchange telephone company in the U.S and a growing force in the cable industry. TDS provides 1.2 million connections to high-speed internet, phone, and TV entertainment services in more than 150 rural, suburban, and metropolitan communities. For residential customers, TDS deploys 1Gig internet access, IPTV service, cable TV options, and traditional wireline services. The company offers businesses advanced solutions, including: VoIP (managedIP Hosted voice), high-speed internet, fiber optics, data networking, and hosted-managed services. Visit www.tdstelecom.com or www.tdsbusiness.com.

Headquartered in Madison, Wis., TDS Telecom operates OneNeck IT Solutions LLC and TDS Broadband Service LLC. Combined, the company employs more than 3,400 people.

Telephone and Data Systems, Inc. [NYSE: TDS], a Fortune 500® company, provides wireless; cable and wireline broadband, TV and voice; and hosted and managed services to approximately six million customers nationwide through its businesses U.S. Cellular, TDS Telecom, OneNeck IT Solutions LLC, and TDS Broadband Service LLC. Founded in 1969 and headquartered in Chicago, Telephone and Data Systems, Inc. employs 10,400 people. Visit tdsinc.com.

About Equinox

Since 1986, Equinox has helped telecommunication customers around the globe protect and optimize revenue. During that time, Protector has well earned its reputation as the most reliable and affordable FMS on the market, saving carriers hundreds of millions of dollars in fraud losses annually. Besides fraud management, Equinox also offers solutions in areas critical to profitability and network efficiency, including data mediation, usage analytics, network analysis, revenue/expense management routing assurance, and custom application development. To learn more about the company, its products, and its staff, visit www.equinoxis.com.