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Telco Group Licenses Suite of Software from Equinox Information Systems


Nashville, TN - January 10, 2003 - Equinox Information Systems announced today the execution of an agreement with Telco Group, Inc., a New York based provider of telecommunications services, to license a suite of software applications. Under the agreement, Equinox will provide Telco Group with tools for secure and efficient real-time call detail record (CDR) collection, filtering, and conversion, dynamic fraud monitoring and case management, as well as applications for searching and viewing CDRs in real time and updating switch data tables.

"We chose Equinox based on their reputation and our previous relationship with the company. With more than 16 years of experience working with hundreds of carriers, we are confident their products will effectively and economically address our needs," said Helene Kidary, Executive Vice President of Network Operations for Telco Group. "Their willingness to customize the software to meet our precise needs, and to work with us through the implementation process further bolsters our confidence in them."

The Equinox applications purchased by Telco Group, Inc. include:

  • Collector Deluxe: Real-time call record collection
  • Telelink: A single system to control and audit the flow of call detail records
  • Protector: The ultimate in real-time fraud protection
  • Switch Interface: Flexible switch database management
  • Show CDR: A sophisticated CDR search, view, and reporting system

"Telco Group's experienced management team is executing a proven business plan," says David West, Equinox Executive Vice President. "By providing solid applications at a fair price, and working together to address Telco Groups unique needs we look forward to being a part of their success."

About Telco Group

Telco Group Inc. is a leading U.S. facilities-based provider of consumer long-distance services, including one-plus services, dial-around calling and prepaid calling cards. With headquarters in Flushing, N.Y., the company delivers more than 1 billion minutes quarterly to a highly diversified customer base. Telco Group established itself as one of the nation's leading consumer-oriented long-distance providers, with an optical network infrastructure connecting over 45 strategically located gateway switches, on net to every major U.S. city. By weaving together scalable switching platforms with high performance back office management systems and billing and provisioning suites, they are quick to respond to the ever-growing and ever-changing demands of their client base.

About Equinox
Founded in 1986, with hundreds of customers worldwide, Equinox Information Systems is a global provider of software solutions for the telecommunications industry. Providing a full range of software applications, which are backed by exceptional customer support, the company offers solutions in areas critical to profitability and network efficiency, including mediation, fraud detection, CDR and switch administration, and network management, as well as custom application development. For more information, visit Equinox at www.equinoxis.com.