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Telesystem Taps Equinox For Business Assurance Solutions

Company Licenses Telelink and Collector Applications

(NASHVILLE, TN) August 17, 2016 — Leading telecom solutions supplier Equinox Information Systems announced today that Telesystem has deployed the Collector and TeleLink solutions to compile, filter, and convert usage records from multiple network points into formats needed for other operational support systems. Telesystem, the dominant communications provider for commercial customers primarily in the Northwest/North Central Ohio and Southeast Michigan areas, licensed the Collector tool to retrieve call/usage data records directly from a Lucent 5ESS switch. From there, Telesystem relies on TeleLink to mediate the data for use in their downstream business systems. TeleLink also extracts, enriches, and stores this usage data, allowing Telesystem to generate extensive statistical, root cause analysis, and network activity reports.

“We initially selected TeleLink for its mediation benefits,” explained Bradley Wendt, Senior BSS/OSS Analyst for Telesystem. “However, we’re quite pleased with its reporting and search features. And the Equinox team has been quick to help us achieve maximum benefit from the entire system.”

TeleLink’s mediation abilities are extremely robust, allowing disparate records to easily be standardized, searched, stored, and delivered to other business and operational systems. Its powerful search and reporting tools offer unparalleled access to the data it captures and stores. In production for over 25 years, the Collector application interacts at the switch level to collect call records as they are created and make them available to other systems, including all of Equinox’s other products.

“Equinox has deployed mediation and reporting solutions for more than 60 carriers already and are proud to be selected to assist Telesystem with these needs,” commented Equinox Executive Vice President David West. “Our report engine gives Telesystem an in-depth view into their network activity and usage data. TeleLink’s mediation functions also increase the efficiency of Telesystem’s workflow.”

About Telesystem

With a customer-centric mission, Telesystem is the dominant communications provider for commercial customers primarily in the Northwest/North Central Ohio and Southeast Michigan areas. Established in 1994, Telesystem maintains superior customer satisfaction by providing a wide array of integrated communication services and solutions delivered across their highly-advanced fiber and carrier-grade Ethernet core network. Utilizing Session-Initiated Protocol (SIP), offerings such as Hosted Stations (Hosted IP-Centrex), SIP Trunks, high-definition voice and a growing suite of application solutions are available virtually anywhere in the world through the advancement of the Hosted VoIP product portfolio. Learn more by visiting http://www.telesystem.us/.

About Equinox

Since 1986, Equinox has helped telecommunication customers around the globe stop fraud, mediate usage data, manage expense, and optimize revenue. The company’s data mediation, fraud management, revenue/expense management, routing assurance, usage analytics, network analysis, and custom application development solutions are currently deployed in virtually every sector of the telecom industry, including cable/MSOs, wireless, wireline, rural independent, CLEC, UCaaS/hosted VoIP, wholesale, and conference calling providers. To learn more about Equinox’s solutions and the people who power them, visit www.equinoxis.com.