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Business Assurance
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Given the dynamic nature of the wholesale market, carriers must be diligent to ensure that they are managing their costs and routing as effectively as possible. The TeleLink Business Assurance suite enhances TeleLink with additional functionality for importing, normalizing, and applying buy and/or sell rates to network events. Using this rate data, TeleLink can be used for generating least cost route guides, optimal route calculations, invoice validation, and analyzing "what-if scenarios" to determine the cost implications of rate deck changes or adding new carriers into call routing.

The TeleLink Business Assurance Module is a suites of solutions that enable you to address critical business needs, including:

Routing Assurance

  • Extract and normalize rate decks from multiple carriers for use in real-time rating, cost optimization, and route guide generation
  • Report on the variance between actual and optimal costs to determine the financial impact of suboptimal routing
  • Determine the financial implications of rate deck changes or inserting a new carrier into call routing based on actual usage to determine the variance between actual cost, optimal cost, and potential cost
  • Generate NANP (IntraState, InterState, IntraLata) and international least cost route guides

Switch to Vendor Reconciliation

  • Compare usage data in aggregate or on a call-by-call basis to carrier detail data to identify discrepancies based on calls, duration, or effective rates
  • Generate detailed reports to document disputes

Call Margin Analysis

  • Automatically correlate ingress and egress usage from all network switches in order to identify the initial and final network endpoints for each call event
  • Apply buy and sell rates to the correlated records to determine true cost, revenue, and margin for each call event