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Usage Analytics
Leverage Usage Data to Bolster Your Bottom Line

Detailed usage data is the lifeblood of a service provider's business. Success is dependent on your ability to act on this data which often comes from multiple sources in multiple formats. TeleLink processes usage records from any source, normalizes them and enriches them with other key data sets including jurisdictions and trunk groups. By correlating and summarizing this data, carriers can gain valuable insight and immediate visibility to customer activity, market trends, traffic patterns, and network utilization. With access to individual event details, TeleLink makes it possible to troubleshoot, research, and generate detailed reports for further analysis, for initiating or defending billing disputes and complying with regulatory reporting requirements.

TeleLink is a robust reporting and analytics tool that enables you to:

  • Create custom reports showing detailed or summarized usage data
  • Correlate usage data with industry standard or user-created reference data sets for more sophisticated, meaningful reporting
  • Group, filter, and sort based on user defined time span and increment, and any number of characteristics of one or more parameters including trunk group, jurisdiction, location, etc.
  • Automatically calculated statistics including usage segregations, QoS measurements, short duration allocations, and CCS calculations
  • Schedule reports to run on a recurring cycle
  • Control report distribution by group or individual
  • Suppress reports that do not meet certain criteria in order to hone in on relevant facts quickly
  • View any report on screen with drag and drop grouping, filtering, and sorting
  • Output reports to XLSX or CSV files
  • Deliver results, including scheduled reports, via email any time

Advanced Analytics

When combined with optional modules, TeleLink can perform a variety advanced functions, including:

CABs Revenue Assurance

  • Compare switch usage to signaling data to identify phantom traffic and other anomalies, as well as trunks with messaging incorrectly disabled
  • Enhance usage data with jurisdiction details to replicate CABs billing logic and to create detailed and summarized views of data for comparison and validation of CABs invoicing

FCC Required Rural Call Completion Reporting

  • Capture, store, and report specific call completion data points for the purpose of calculating call answer rates and Network Effectiveness Ratios for rural versus non-rural OCNs

Risk Management

  • Identify call patterns indicative of unwanted network traffic including, robo-calling, access stimulation, and auto-dialers