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Fraud Management
Reducing the impact of telecom fraud since 1986

Globally, telecom fraud costs companies nearly $40 billion every year. Just one incident of fraudulent international calls can inflict a $50,000 hit on your bottom line. Manual processes are labor-intensive and lack automated interventions to detect and stop fraud quickly.

Protector, the most installed fraud management system in the U.S, is a powerful solution built upon years of experience and enhancements. A comprehensive, scalable solution now in its 10th generation, Protector leverages decades of experience mitigating the risk of fraud at hundreds of carriers. With Protector, you have the tools to stop fraud in progress, investigate and resolve cases quickly, and, most importantly, enjoy rapid and significant return on investment. In direct support of rapid ROI, Protector is fully integrated with the PRISM database of IRSF test numbers, which allows you to often block IRSF attacks before they even start.

Protector is a robust solution that enables you to:

  • Monitor all of your network usage in real time
  • Identify suspicious network activity (based on abnormal call patterns, atypical call activity, hot lists shared among all Equinox clients, and subscriber information)
  • Receive automatic alerts
  • Distinguish fraud from honest customer usage
  • Investigate and manage cases dynamically and easily
  • Use early detection to block IRSF attacks before they even start via seamless integration with the PRISM IPRN database (As a wholesale partner, Equinox offers customers discounted subscription rates.)
  • Resolve cases intelligently with options ranging from automated disabling of the number to configuration changes
  • Document fraud cases — and savings
  • Enjoy rapid and sustained ROI