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Our People

The members of our management team have been part of Equinox Information Systems for an average of nearly 20 years each. As a result, you enjoy not only the benefit of their decades of experience in the telecommunications industry, but also the benefits of stability and continuity that come from so many years of serving together in one company. Click the "Play" buttons on the videos to watch interviews with our management team.

David Bastin
Joined in 1994
David joined Equinox in 1994 right out of college. Over the years his knowledge and abilities have grown in parallel with Equinox. As the lead architect for all new software products, he designed the first Equinox solution capable of processing 100 million calls per day in the '90s, and then developed new systems that increased that limit to 1 billion calls. He is also our lead developer for Microsoft SQL Server project code. David and his wife have one daughter. An avid reader, he loves conspiracy theories and the union of fantasy with science fiction. David describes himself as "a God-fearing perfectionist," so he especially appreciates that at Equinox we believe in doing things the right way.

Eric Bright
Joined in 2013
A more recent addition to our support team, Eric started at Equinox in 2013. He is primarily responsible for supporting TeleLink and administering the company's website. Eric has a Bachelors degree in Computer Information Systems, and before coming to Equinox, he ran his own custom software company for nearly two decades. Eric is the only Equinox employee who lives up to the Music City stereotype, in that he plays guitar with a wedding reception band on the weekends and leads worship at church. He even composed a custom jingle to promote Protector. Eric is married with three sons. He loves that Equinox fosters a professional yet informal environment that promotes teamwork, personal responsibility, and productivity, and that every employee is made to feel like a vital part of producing great products with exceptional service.

Kevin Cantrell
Joined in 2008
After 21 years with Nortel Networks, Kevin joined Equinox in 2008. While at Nortel, he designed, coded, and operated a telecom fraud detection and response system for a global network spanning over 30 countries. Kevin is an important part of our support team, providing comprehensive customized support for customers using TeleLink for CDR management and analytics. Kevin has a B.S. in Computer Science from Tennessee Technological University. He is married with two children. His son serves as a Church of Christ minister, and his daughter is a student. When not at work, Kevin enjoys mountain biking and hiking. Kevin relishes the challenge of supporting a wide variety of systems, given that each TeleLink customer has a unique configuration. He especially enjoys working with customers who view Equinox as part of their team.

Derek Drake
Joined in 1995
After graduating from Union University in 1995, Derek joined Equinox as a junior developer. Over the years, he developed an expertise in user interfaces, which lead to his current position as the senior developer in charge of all interface efforts for both Protector and TeleLink. Derek has two children and spends his free time lifting weights and playing basketball. Born in Pittsburgh and loving sports, Derek is a die-hard Steelers fan. Derek loves working at Equinox because of the philosophy that work comes second to family.

Ronnie Gibbs
Joined in 1990
Ronnie came to Equinox in 1990 shortly after graduating from Union University with a double major in Computer Science and Mathematics. The code he has written since that time is currently in use in every application we sell. A natural problem solver and a tireless worker, Ronnie has led the charge for many new initiatives at Equinox, bringing new features and functions to our solutions year after year. Married with 3 kids, Ronnie is a coin collector and avid reader, as well an accomplished pianist and organist. An eternal optimist, Ronnie is a lifelong fan of Vanderbilt athletics. Ronnie loves his job because there are always interesting technical challenges and variety of things to work on, coupled with the flexibility to be with his family when needed.

Lesa Grubbs
Joined in 1993
Lesa is the administrative glue that holds Equinox together-- a role she has held since 1993. She is Office Manager and also coordinates all trade shows and user group meetings. She earned her B.S. in Psychology from MTSU. Lesa and her husband Eddie have one son. In addition to volunteering in the special needs community, she enjoys spending time with friends and family. The one thing she appreciates most about Equinox is how Byron and Wayne value their employees.

Mitch Heffington
Joined in 2014
The newest member of the Equinox team, Mitch joined Equinox in 2014. Holding a Bachelor's Degree in Management Information Systems, Mitch came to Equinox after several years of working in Asurion's Change and Incident Management department. Mitch is primarily responsible for supporting our Protector customers. He is married and enjoys working on cars and playing board games with friends. Mitch appreciates that Equinox is a small company focused on keeping the employees happy and providing a great atmosphere in which to work.

Joe Herron
Joined in 1996
Our first dedicated customer support person, Vice President of Support Joe Herron came to Equinox in 1996. He has a BS in Management Information Systems from The University of North Alabama. Over the years at Equinox, Joe hired and trained an amazing support and testing team, while simultaneously putting the processes and standards in place that ensure Equinox customers uniformly rave about the service they receive. Joe and his wife have two grown daughters. He enjoys reading and spending time behind the wheel of his convertible. He loves working at Equinox because of the people he works with as well as the company's commitment to family.

Ernest Howell
Joined in 1998
Among our support team, no one has been helping customers day in and day out longer than Ernest. He studied at Nashville State, earning an Associate's degree in Computer Information Systems. With more than 5 years of technical customer support experience under his belt, Ernest joined Equinox in 1998. His primary responsibility is providing support to most of our Protector customers, but he also helps out with TeleLink from time-to-time. Ernest has two college-age kids. He enjoys watching and playing sports and is a jazz enthusiast.

Robert Hunter
Joined in 2008
Robert joined Equinox in 2008 as a developer. He spends his time updating and maintaining the code for both TeleLink and Protector. For kicks, he helps maintain our internal issue tracking system. Robert earned his Bachelors in Computer Science from MTSU. A classic introvert, Robert likes books, cats, and reticence. His favorite thing about Equinox is the dress code (always casual!).

Chris Lowe
Joined in 2011
Chris joined Equinox in 2011 as Software Quality Assurance Tester for TeleLink. In that role he has helped to improve our QA and Testing procedures and expedited the process of installing a change at a customer's site. Chris attended TNU earning his Bachelors in Business Management and his MBA. He and his wife Jessica, have a baby boy and 2 dogs. A former college baseball standout, Chris loves sports. Chris likes the good work environment at Equinox—the balance between work life and family life as well as being able to work with and for good people.

Matt Lowe
Joined in 2010
Matt started at Equinox in the support department. Two years later, he moved to the sales team to focus on project management and sales engineering. Serving as a hub connecting sales, implementation, support, development, and the customer, Matt ensures that what the customer needs is delivered as quickly and painlessly as possible. Matt holds both a bachelors and master's degree and worked at Sprint's world headquarters in Kansas City while in grad school. Before coming to Equinox, he worked in sales and marketing, covering the southeastern region, for Verizon. His wife, Jana (a certified public accountant), and he have a young daughter. Matt likes the flexible work schedule at Equinox, which ensures that he has ability to take care of the things he needs to accomplish outside the office.

Wayne Lowe
Joined in 1986
Wayne founded Equinox in 1986 and has continued to be actively involved since then. In addition to overseeing the development staff, he handles all HR and finance tasks for the company. Before founding Equinox, Wayne earned a B.S. in Computer Information Systems and a B.S. in Accounting from TNU and served as Compco's Director of Software Development for three years. Wayne and his wife Linda have 2 grown sons and 2 grandchildren. He loves to travel and tend his huge vegetable garden. His favorite thing about working at Equinox is the staff basketball game during the lunch break each Thursday.

Bill Menees
Joined in 2011
After working as a senior software architect at Gallagher Financial Systems and Wipro, Bill joined Equinox in 2011. As a developer, Bill is one of the chief architects of TeleLink 7, the latest release of our mediation and usage analytics platform. He is also responsible for maintaining control of all source code, automated builds, and virtual machines. As a long time runner, Bill enjoys pounding the pavement when he's not at work. He also enjoys spending time with his son and wife—Amy Oldham who also works at Equinox. At the University of Tennessee, Bill double majored in Math and Computer Science. Having worked for a large, multi-national company, Bill appreciates that Equinox is locally-owned and has no red tape, not to mention the company's great location, time flexibility, and people.

Byron Middendorf
Joined in 1986
Before founding Equinox in 1986, Byron worked as an account executive for AT&T, Director of Telecommunications for the State of Tennessee, and Director of Sales for Compco. He has a BS in Sociology and Communications from Trevecca Nazarene University. As CEO, he has overseen the growth of Equinox from an early adopter tech startup to a leading supplier of telecommunications analytics software in the US market, achieving profitability in the second year and in each subsequent year thereafter. In his role overseeing sales and support, Byron's influence is clearly seen in the culture of the company and the way we interact with our customers. However, he sees his greatest contribution as hiring a lot of smart people and treating them with respect for their capabilities and for their families. Byron has one son, Isaac, and one of his greatest pleasures is watching him play baseball. His favorite thing about Equinox, believe it or not, are the meetings. "In each meeting you get to see the comradery of a group of people who have worked together for, on average, over fifteen years. The meetings are typically productive, lighthearted, and a true reflection of the respect and affection that we all have for each other."

Amy Oldham
Joined 2010
Equinox hired Amy Oldham, our first ever technical writer. With a Bachelor of Science from the University of Tennessee and a Master of Technical and Scientific Communication from Miami University, she has a unique and valuable set of skills. Prior to Equinox, she focused on corporate communications and software documentation as a Technical Writer and Project Manager at The Oxford Associates followed by a stint as the Communications Department Manager at Gallagher Financial Systems. At Equinox she creates and maintains the company's technical documentation as well as all other customer-facing publications. Amy is also responsible for the company's newsletter, email campaigns, press releases, and social media presence. When not writing, Amy enjoys spending time with her son and husband, playing tennis, swimming, and attending Dave Matthews Band concerts. Her favorite thing about working at Equinox is the flexible work schedule.

Johnny Sikes
Joined in 1995
Originally from Bowling Green, KY, Johnny joined Equinox in 1995 after graduating from Western Kentucky with a degree in Computer Science. He is our resident expert on coding for data extraction and mediation, having created and fine-tuned the logic needed to extract and map fields for the 300 formats Equinox supports for our customers. His extraction routines form the backbone for virtually every data source/target combinations currently deployed at customer sites. Johnny explains that having the flexibility to take off and spend time with his wife and kids is one of the things he loves most about Equinox. In his time off, Johnny coaches his two sons in soccer and basketball, enjoys playing golf, and is an avid Dallas Cowboys fan.

Adam Socha
Joined in 2009
Adam is responsible for updating and maintaining the code for both TeleLink and Protector. Before joining Equinox, Adam served in the U. S. Navy for 8 years. He studied at both Nashville State and Tennessee Tech, earning a degree in Computer Information Systems. Adam has four daughters and is a motorcycle enthusiast. In his role on the development team, he interacts with almost everyone at Equinox and appreciates the relationship he has with his coworkers.

Christi Vanoye
Joined in 1998
Christi has visited almost 40 states and multiple countries to install and train our customers. In addition to training for new and existing Protector and TeleLink installations, she also helps customers ensure that Protector is fully configured and provides fraud monitoring consultation based on her years of experiences and interactions with nearly 100 different fraud management implementations. For TeleLink installations, Christi also is responsible for all billing mediation design. Christi is married to her college sweetheart, and they have one son who is in college. Though she now lives in downtown Chicago, she grew up in a small town in Louisiana and loves the outdoors (SCUBA diving, hiking, gardening). She graduated from Texas A&M University and worked at the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) for 11 years before joining Equinox. Christi loves that each day at Equinox brings a new project, a new place to visit, a new group to train, a new problem to solve.

David West
Joined in 1996
David joined Equinox in 1996 with a focus on sales and strategic planning. He continues in this role today, overseeing all sales and marketing efforts as well as working closely with customers and developers to ensure our solutions evolve to meet the ever changing needs of the telecom industry. Before Equinox, David spent 5 years in the publishing industry with roles in sales and project management. He has a BA in Political Science from Wheaton College (IL) and an MBA from Vanderbilt University. He loves traveling and spending time with his wife and their two daughters, as well as trying to master basketball and yoga (though not at the same time). David's favorite thing about Equinox is working with so many colleagues and customers who embody his two favorite attributes: smart and nice.

Renee Workman
Joined in 1996
A part of the Equinox team since 1996, Renee is a Software Quality Assurance Tester for both Protector and TeleLink. She is heavily involved in the annual Protector User Group Meeting. Drawing on her years of experience as a developer, the quality of her work and her efficiency in the testing arena have positively impacted all our products. She has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, and loves bicycling, paddle boarding and golf. Currently telecommuting from Florida, Renee says she really appreciates the relationships with her coworkers and our customers.

Dennis Wynne
When Dennis started at Equinox in 1988, the only other employees were founders Byron Middendorf and Wayne Lowe. Prior to Equinox, Dennis did computer hardware service and repair, with programming being just a hobby. Smart and curious, Dennis is a tenacious problem solver, which quickly made him invaluable to Equinox. As a result, his code is in just about every solution we've ever deployed. Dennis is married with three grown children, 2 grandsons, and 3 granddogs. He enjoys reading, music, movies, and TV. Before he "got too old" he also loved motorcycles and sports cars. Dennis is proud to have been a part of Equinox's sustained success over the last 3 decades, which he attributes to the quality of the employees, from the owners down to newest hire, all adding up to make Equinox a great place to work.
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