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What Our Customers Say

“Equinox's State-of-the-Art Protector and TeleLink applications provide top-of-the-line protection to our customers from costly telephone fraud. This level of protection not only lowers our operational risks, but also allows us to pass along both savings and peace of mind to our customers.”
- Cyrus Driver, NTS

“CTS has a long-standing tradition of providing the best customer service around. Protecting our customers and network from losses due to toll fraud is just another way we continue this mission. We selected Equinox as the result of an industry-wide search for a reliable, cost-effective FMS. Having dealt with the Equinox team, it's clear they value excellent customer service as much as we do!”
- David Baker, CTS Telecom

“We've had a wonderful experience with Equinox since we first deployed Protector. TelEm proudly delivers the latest services to customers at affordable prices. Protector provides the fraud management and mitigation tools we need to achieve that mission.”
- Lisa-Maria Schalkwijk, TelEm

“TeleLink continues to provide tremendous value by automatically mediating different record formats from many switches in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Our experience with their support team made Equinox the clear choice for this most recent project.”
- Mike Leedy, First Communications

“Equinox has been extremely helpful in supporting our fraud management efforts not only during the initial onsite training but also beyond system deployment. The Protector web interface allows our teams to investigate alerts from browser-enabled devices and respond more quickly, in situations when every minute counts.”
- Trey Smith, OneStream Networks

“BVU is committed to delivering safe, reliable services at the lowest possible cost to our customers. As we've continued to grow our customer base, Protector directly supports this mission, and the service and support from everyone at Equinox is really excellent.”
- John Fredericks, BVU Authority

“We've had a great experience with Equinox since first selecting them for the least cost routing project. The TeleLink tools currently in place have benefitted us through lowered operating costs and optimized revenue. We expect to achieve further gains with these TeleLink additions and are excited to deploy Protector on our network.”
- Tom Wilson, Armstrong

“As a company serving customers for over 140 years, it's imperative that we continue to not only address the current market demands but also lay the groundwork for the future. TeleLink's data access lets us analyze both current network activity and historical trends as we plan our next innovation.”
- Chris Breving, Cincinnati Bell

“Our goal for this project initiative was to increase efficiency by automating several manual steps in our rate analysis and least cost routing processes. The TeleLink system not only performs these tasks, but it also provides an extremely flexible reporting engine that lets us really dig into and analyze our network traffic and usage.”
- Phillip Berry, TDS Telecom

“Our initial decision to deploy Protector stemmed from its ability to alert us to all types of fraud, especially since we serve multiple market segments and are actively growing our network. The support and training we received from Equinox throughout the project has been exceptional.”
- Ernie Keller, Wave

“Call One offers consolidated solutions, aimed at simplification so our customers have more time and energy to focus on their core business. Similarly, the Protector FMS allows us to concentrate our efforts on continuing to accomplish our mission. Also, Equinox is quick to provide the resources and real time updates necessary to make sure we get maximum benefit from the system.”
- George Pitsoulakis, Call One

“We initially selected TeleLink for its mediation benefits. However, we're quite pleased with its reporting and search features. And the Equinox team has been quick to help us achieve maximum benefit from the entire system.”
- Bradley Wendt, Telesystem

“Our work with Equinox on the FMS project has given us complete confidence in their team and products. Only one day after initial system training, I have already used TeleLink to determine rerouting of traffic to potentially save Midco money. It took me only 5 minutes to set up the reporting template and generate these results versus hours and hours of manual manipulation.”
- Andi Livingston, Midco

“Our experience these past few years with the entire Equinox team has been great. They're proven to deliver affordable, reliable solutions, so we are excited to work with them on this fraud management initiative.”
- Brian Murray, Transbeam

“We primarily selected TeleLink for its mediation capabilities, so we could automatically and efficiently filter and separate usage records from several different sources and carriers in varying switch formats. But TeleLink's reporting capabilities are quite impressive...this system stores and summarizes all our usage, allowing us to run big picture reports as well as look all the way down to the individual record.”
- Bob Carlson, United Wireless

“At Access One, we strive to provide our customers with the absolutely best experience in the industry. Equinox gives us the same personalized attention and care that we offer our customers, so it's a pleasure to work with them. And their Protector system provides first-rate monitoring and detection tools that automatically alert us to and stop unwanted network events.”
- Matt Gray, Access One

“The Equinox team is a real pleasure to work with and very responsive to our needs. At ShoreTel, we not only provide our customers technologically advanced solutions, but we also offer them flexible choices that can adapt to changing needs. Equinox truly understands and supports this mission.”
- Slava Kosoy, ShoreTel

“Our experience with Equinox has been very positive, and its training and support staff has helped us maximize the system’s benefits.”
- Misty McFarlin, Frontier Communications

“TeleLink’s centralized data warehouse, allows us to store and analyze usage data, generate reports, and collectively deliver records from disparate systems to our billing system. The same personal, responsive support that Equinox provided during project startup continues after deployment to ensure we are getting maximum benefit from the system.”
- Cassandra Monroe, BCM One

“Fraud directly affects revenue and can negatively impact relations with our customers; therefore, fraud management is essential to our business strategy. We selected Protector based on its ability to quickly and cost-effectively identify and alert us to all types of toll fraud.”
- Jim Brewer, Peerless Network

“In this industry, fraud management is a must. An important aspect to the solutions we offer is the peace of mind we provide our customers. We selected Protector based on its proven ability to quickly and cost-effectively alert us to all types of fraud across our growing network.”
- Peter Eisengrein, Evolve IP

“We knew Equinox turned out cost effective solutions that produced results, and how serious the entire Equinox team took their commitment to customers. As a result, we turned to their team first.”
- Tom Nolting, FairPoint Communications

“TeleLink automatically processes and stores our traffic records in a centralized data repository, which gives us the insight and hard data needed to increase efficiency and optimize our revenue.”
- Lee Puckett, C Spire

“Our company’s experience with Equinox’s products and support has been great. They have been a trusted vendor who works closely with us.”
- Ronald Burger, ACN

“First Communications values our long standing relationship with Equinox. We look forward to their continued support for data information services and tools.”
- Abby Knowlton, First Communications

“Protecting our network and our customers is a top priority for TDS Telecom. Protector is an important component in our overall strategy to do just that.”
- Nichole Schneeberger, TDS Telecom

“An important factor in providing exceptional customer service is appropriate fraud mitigation. Protector’s automated tools give us a decided advantage in the fraud management arena.”
- Bryan Culver, Grid4

“Equinox took the time to really understand our specific project requirements so they could deliver the best solution.”
- Andi Livingston, Midcontinent Communications

“TeleLink not only lets us access the needed data, but it also automatically collects and consolidates this information in one system, giving us expanded reporting and analytics abilities.”
- John Carr, Broadview Networks®

“TeleLink processes all of CCI’s long distance traffic in one system. Having access to this information is crucial in making many business decisions.”
- Michael Shultz, Consolidated Communications

“Since 2000 Protector has proven its ability time and time again. Equinox fully supports us, making sure we have the tools and product knowledge necessary to be effective in the battle against fraud.”
- Heather Santee, RCN

“Having Protector in place allows us to spot fraud proactively, protecting our customers from fraud and its negative effects.”
- Kai Frost, iiNet

“No one delivers cost effective, dependable solutions better than Equinox; we knew who to call for help with this project.”
- Ryan Mitchell, Wide Open West

“We value the established relationship we have with Equinox. Based on the success of previous projects, along with the personal customer service, Equinox was the clear choice.”
- Jon Lightle, Nex-Tech Wireless

“Based on our previous experience with fraud, we evaluated a number of vendors. Seeing Protector in action was a deciding factor in our decision to select Equinox.”
- Lisa-Maria Schalkwijk, TelEm Group

“Deploying Protector has been a key element in our overall fraud prevention strategy, significantly improving savings opportunities. Our positive experience them a clear choice for our mediation system.”
- Rick Riordan, TelNet Worldwide

“Our experience with the support team at Equinox combined with the positive return on investment that we've seen from both Protector and TeleLink in the past 4 years made Equinox the clear choice.”
- Greg Hasse, HickoryTech

“TeleLink extracts and stores usage records so we can analyze our network activity in near real-time, which allows us to promptly investigate issues and optimizing network usage.”
- Michael Beehn, SI Wireless

“TeleLink provided both mediation and reporting solutions in one system. The TeleLink system offered us flexibility, speed, and insight into our network activity.”
- Leigh Swindle, SouthernLINC Wireless

“TeleLink gives us the data that we need to analyze at-sea wireless traffic and calls.”
- Mohan Prabhu, Wireless Maritime Services

“We needed to mediate voice and data records from several different switch platforms. TeleLink's ability to process all the record types and formats involved was key in our decision to select Equinox.”
- Chris Sutton, Union Wireless

“TeleLink is the foundation of our traffic analysis and reporting processes, which are obviously crucial to our business.”
- Brian Murray, Transbeam

“TeleLink will allow us to lower operating costs via an apples-to-apples comparison of rates and routes across multiple carriers.”
- Tom Wilson, Armstrong

“Using Protector will allow us to further protect our customers from communications fraud, help us reduce expense related to fraud losses, and improve productivity.”
- Craig Drinkhall, Lumos Networks

“TeleLink's data enrichment and reporting features will allow us to validate bills and invoices efficiently and cost effectively.”
- Slayton Stewart, Carolina West Wireless

“TeleLink allowed us to upgrade and consolidate our mediation and reporting solutions in one system. TeleLink's report capabilities allow us to spot potential problems on the network more quickly.”
- Ryan Mitchell, Wide Open West

“Both TeleLink and Protector play a key role in the operations of our network. Our experience implementing TeleLink, made Equinox the clear choice as our partner for fraud management.”
- Carol Grover, OTT Communications

“Protector will allow us to better identify and respond to fraudulent activity on our network. Monitoring usage records in real time and having an integrated case management tool is very appealing.”
- John Monday, FastTrack

“Equinox provided us with the same excellent support throughout the sales and installation process that we strive to give our own customers.”
- Casey Loudermilk, Ellijay Telephone Company

“Depth of experience, attention to detail, and quality support are key reasons why HTC continues to work with Equinox. Protector allows us to take a proactive approach in fraud detection.”
- Jim Forbes, HTC (Horry Telecom Company)

“TeleLink allows us to mediate, enrich, and store usage data records so network activity can be analyzed in near real-time. TeleLink gives us critical access to our usage data for reporting and analysis.”
- Roger Werth, Cincinnati Bell

“The Protector system will allow us to better identify and respond to potential fraud incidents on our network, which ultimately helps us protect our customers from communications fraud.”
- Greg Taylor, Access Point

“TeleLink is a flexible platform that offers us the ability to mediate, search and report on our usage data. We are continually growing our business and improving our processes, and TeleLink provides the critical function of mediating our raw DMS usage for billing.”
- Mike Leedy, First Communications

“Equinox's years of experience in this arena persuaded us to choose Protector as our fraud management solution.”
- John Fredericks, BVU Authority

“Protecting our networks from unauthorized and fraudulent use is essential, and Equinox's depth of experience was a key factor in our selection process.”
- Allen McIntosh, Telepak Networks

“We had an urgent need that required a great amount of technical expertise. Despite a very short timeline and complex requirements, Equinox delivered exactly what we needed ahead of schedule!”
- Ed King, Cellular One of East Central Illinois

“We implemented Protector across our entire switched network to protect our customers and business partners from communications fraud.”
- Rick Riordan, TelNet

“We selected Equinox software because of their proven ability to mediate usage data. TeleLink allows us to integrate all of our data into a consistent format for billing and other functions.”
- Frank Schaefer, ACN Inc.

“Based on my previous experience working with Equinox software, I knew Equinox could be trusted for custom software development.”
- Tom Wilson, Armstrong

“We are pleased with Equinox Information Systems' willingness to work with us to create the specific mediation and reporting tools that we need.”
- Carey Stover, I WIRELESS

"It really is great working with you. Your product saved hundreds of thousands of dollars and cut down on our headaches as well. I couldn't be happier with the support you provided."
- Jonathan Dail, Broadview Networks

“We needed a software solution that could offer us better visibility into our call detail records. TeleLink helped us mediate and convert all of our call record data into one standard data format.”
- Kevin Marshall, MTPCS

“Based on our success with Equinox for mediation, it was only natural to turn to them to address fraud management. Once again we were impressed with their ability to quickly deploy an effective solution.”
- Brett Cameron, Cavalier

“For years, Onvoy has relied on Equinox software for network management. TeleLink allows Onvoy Voice Services to quickly integrate additional acquisitions and expand into new markets.”
- John Hanna, Onvoy Voice Services

“By deploying Protector, Telekenex now has a proven system that protects our customers, shareholders, and employees from the financial pitfalls of communications fraud.”
- Bob Finley, Telekenex

“After reviewing our options, it became clear that no vendor could match Equinox in terms of providing a comprehensive solution at a reasonable price point”
- George Cisler, ANI Networks

“Equinox offered the most compelling and complete solution for managing usage records and monitoring potential fraud activity. By us real-time visibility into our network traffic, Protector saves ANPI both time and money.”
- Jet Thomas, ANPI

“Our objective was to identify an advanced telecom software provider with the ability to deliver a total solution After evaluating multiple software vendors, we chose Equinox Information Systems.”
- Terence Burgess, TeleBermuda

“We needed to manage usage records from multiple switch vendors and multiple carriers. Equinox integrates with all of them to provide us with a real-time dashboard of our worldwide usage traffic.”
- Brandon Peyton, Sovernet Communications

“TeleLink will serve as the backbone of several operational processes important help us improve operational efficiencies and reduce overall costs. ”
- Shelly Woodward, TelAlaska

“Ease of implementation, solid support, and seamless compatibility with our billing vendor were critical, and Equinox has given us all three.”
- Mike Bly, Inland Cellular

“Equinox has a good track record of developing custom software solutions for communications companies and that was an important factor our decision.”
- Dennis Cox, Microtech-Tel

“Using one system throughout the company gives our experienced and knowledgeable Fraud team a powerful tool to save our customers from unnecessary and costly fraudulent activity.”
- Jim Hvisdas, PAETEC

“Our goal was to identify a company that could deliver a total software solution to our multiple needs in a reliable, cost-effective fashion.”
- John Summersett, Great Lakes Comnet, Inc.

“Equinox Information Systems offered the most compelling solution to address our operational support challenges.”
- Bob Charish, Xchange Telecom

“The Equinox mediation platform will save NexTech Wireless a tremendous amount of employee time and money.”
- Jeff Dear, Nex-Tech Wireless

“Our objective was to identify a software company that could be a longterm partner. Equinox's track record in the industry speaks volumes about the quality of their software and customer support. ”
- Danny Rule, Golden State Cellular