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Getting the Job Done

By Matt Lowe
June 24, 2013

One of my coworkers recently told me about an ad campaign that ran in the early 1980s. I was intrigued by what she had to say about the ad but had not seen it for myself. So, I looked it up on YouTube. What I learned was that the US Army ran a memorable ad campaign highlighting a single soldier. He jumped out of a plane, unloaded a vehicle that had been pushed out of the same plane, and then drove that vehicle away from the landing site. This upbeat, fast tempo ad was intended to illustrate the amount of work the members of the armed forces accomplished before most civilians even began their work day. The ad concludes with the same soldier enjoying a well-deserved cup of coffee with his commanding officer, smiling, and wishing him a good morning.

When I finished watching it, I couldn't help but think of the Equinox Support Team and how they function in a very similar manner. Members of the Support Team arrive early and open the building before most of the offices are populated. Their first item of business is to check the incoming daily reports from all of the customer installations. Equinox's products—TeleLink and Protector—both have an email generating tool that provides status information in report form. These details are sent to the Equinox Support Team for analysis first thing each day. This proactive approach to customer support allows them to identify and resolve potential issues before they have a chance to accumulate into a problem. Many times, the way a customer becomes aware of a potential issue is when the Support Team notifies the customer of the occurrence. Working together in this manner, the customer and the Support Team can address issues quickly and proactively.

Therefore, each day, well before 9a.m., the Equinox Support Team has confirmed that each installation is processing properly, or has identified a plan of action for resolving any potential issues indicated by the email report. The Support Team's quick response and hard work are primary reasons Equinox retains and sustains such long-term relationships with its customers.

Every Monday morning at Equinox, we have a staff meeting at 9a.m., during which each department gives a status report. As I sat through today's meeting and listened to the Support Team's weekly report, it reminded me of the conclusion of the aforementioned Army commercial. Our Support Team arrived at the meeting, many holding a cup of coffee in hand...and offer the rest of Equinox a confident “good morning” knowing all they have accomplished before 9a.m.

About the Author: Matt Lowe is a Sales Engineer at Equinox Information Systems whose primary task is to evaluate and improve the company's sales processes, materials, and tools. He does so by acquiring and applying market intelligence gathered from the telecommunications industry. His other major responsibility is to coordinate project implementations by working directly with the customer. In his spare time, Matt enjoys travelling with his wife and playing basketball with the guys in the office. To learn more, visit www.equinoxis.com or call (615) 612-1200.