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Strike up the Band...for a Spoiler Alert

By Joe Herron
September 22, 2016

Have you ever listened to a single instrument play a song? It is enjoyable and a pleasant experience. Consider such an experience as understanding one topic or feature of a software package. Now let’s expand that experience from one instrument playing a solo to a full orchestra. The experience becomes so rich and full. Just listen as the bass compliments the melody, the percussion raises the anticipation into the next phrase, or even the strings being played in a pianissimo bridge. To have a similar full experience with software requires an understanding beyond the basic functionality. At Equinox, we desire that every customer take their knowledge beyond an instrumental solo of software features to the full sound of an orchestra where every part works together in harmony. How do we approach this endeavor? The starting point is having a quality product. Everything else beyond that is the encore performance. It does not matter how nice the people are, how accessible they make themselves, or even how many times they explain the product, if the product is not quality work it becomes a less than enjoyable experience...much like listening to an orchestra that is not in-tune. Thank you, but I will pass on that experience. Starting with a quality product as a given, taking the experience to the next level requires:


Over the last several months, we have provided WEB events for several Protector topics. In parallel with the training, we have also created documents associated with those topics. Why and how have we picked the topics? The answer is YOU. In each case, we have either had several specific questions dealing with the issues discussed or support has noticed a trend of questions across several customers. So how do you benefit? The obvious answer is through training. Training gives you the opportunity to see the explanation of how, what, when, and why during a live WEB event. Another benefit is through the documents, which you can follow along during training as well as reference at a later time. Do I have to say it—we are listening to you!

As a continuation of these customer-inspired events (warning: spoiler alert) the next training we will present focuses on Protector scoring and notifications. If you ever wanted to know how Protector determines score for violations as well as why or why not it sends an email (or other notification), then you should attend this session! We do not want you to feel like you have to struggle through sight reading a musical score—we truly. want you to understand how all the parts work together in concert. We are even stepping up this training by making it interactive (bring your questions). This training is part of the Protector User Group Meeting happening in Nashville on October 10 - 12, 2016. The entire event is aimed at helping you maximize your fraud management efforts. The scoring and notification session is only one of several trainings and topics included in the Protector User Group Meeting. We want to provide you with the full musical score, so you can further benefit from Protector. Please join us in Nashville. Click here for registration link and complete event details.

The WEB events I mentioned earlier are just one example of an encore. It’s a good example though because it does provide insight into each of these areas. Support and training are both actively listening to the customers and also watching for areas that present challenges. These actions directly result in modifications to the products and/or revisions to existing documentation or creation of new material altogether. In the past year alone, we have revised or created 19 documents, in addition to the release notes provided as part of each product update. There is a total of 45+ documents available for the different Equinox products, which you can access anytime on-line by logging into the Equinox library. This same information is also available on products installed at your site, for example, you can access TeleLink-related documents from the TeleLink server/ application at your site. We offer several training options, including talking on the phone, individual WEB training, group WEB meeting, and on-site training. We work with you to fit your needs. Have you tried to call a support center lately? How did that experience go? I know how frustrating that experience can be, so that’s why when you call for support at Equinox, you actually talk with a support representative. Experience has shown that a quick conversation can many times be better than a bunch of emails. Of course, we also provide support via email if you prefer. We’re here to help: call 615-612-1225 or email support@equinoxis.com.

What does all this mean? It’s time to strike up the band! When working with Equinox, it is not a solo endeavor, instead, it’s an in-tune orchestra where all the parts work in concert. Sit back and enjoy the music.

About the Author

In his role as Vice President of Support for Equinox, Joe Herron oversees all of customer support, including quality assurance, product documentation, installation, upgrades, and the customer support help desk. His team’s primary task is working with customers on the day-to-day issues, for example scheduling product updates, turning up a new switch, fine-tuning a configuration setting, or helping troubleshoot a technical issue. When he’s not putting the processes and standards in place that ensure Equinox customers uniformly rave about the service they receive, he enjoys reading and spending time behind the wheel of his convertible.

To learn more about Equinox, its products, and staff, visit www.equinoxis.com or call (615) 612-1200.