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Sierra Tel Communications Group Installs Equinox Collector Software


Nashville, TN - November 29, 2005 - Nashville-based Equinox Information Systems today announced that Sierra Tel Communications Group, a leading provider of communications services in California's Central Sierra, has installed the Collector AFT/EIU mediation system to automate its call detail record (CDR) transmission process. Collector AFT/EIU downloads records from a Nortel DMS 100/200 switch in real-time via a high-speed Ethernet Interface Unit.

"After evaluating several mediation systems, we selected Collector AFT/EIU because of its price point, speed, and flexibility," noted Matt Faulkner, IT Director for Sierra Tel Communications Group. "Collector AFT/EIU's processing speed is a huge plus, and the flexibility of the software to integrate with our Nortel switch via an Ethernet connection made investing in Equinox software an easy decision."

Collector AFT/EIU provides real-time delivery of usage records and supports a number of switch types and communication protocols including X.25, TCP/IP, and file transfer protocol (FTP).

"Collector is a proven mediation system in the communications industry," commented David West, Executive Vice President for Equinox. "I am confident that Collector AFT/EIU will be a long-term asset to Sierra Tel Communications Group, and Equinox looks forward to supplying Sierra Tel with additional software solutions in the future."

About Sierra Tel Communications Group
Headquartered in Oakhurst, California, Sierra Tel Communications Group has provided telephone service for California's Central Sierra since 1895. The backbone of the company is a 100% digital, fiber optic network and "self-healing" fiber ring that provides reliable, secure communications service of the highest quality. Sierra Tel Communications Group offers a wide variety of communications products and services to customers within its 840 square mile serving area. For more information, please visit www.stcg.net.

About Equinox
Founded in 1986, with hundreds of customers worldwide, Equinox Information Systems is a global provider of software solutions for the telecommunications industry. Providing a full range of software applications, which are backed by exceptional customer support, the company offers solutions in areas critical to profitability and network efficiency, including mediation, fraud detection, CDR and switch administration, and network management, as well as custom application development. For more information, visit Equinox at www.equinoxis.com.